Water Sports: Can They Actually Make You Thinner?

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Choosing different types of exercise can be important when you are trying to lose weight and create a maintainable exercise routine. For those who choose water exercise, it is commonly understood that calories are not burnt as quickly as they are in running or other exercise routines on land.

Still, working out in the water provides many benefits. There is appeal for certain groups, like pregnant women and those with cardiovascular issues, as water workouts help keep your heart rate lower. Also, your various muscle groups are used at comparable levels when working out in the water, meaning your entire body is toned at the same time and a comparable rate for each muscle group.

Swimming, Water Polo and Water Aerobics

Swimming is a great activity for someone who is returning to working out after a break. It is also good for those who like to do activities solo and on their own time frame. Swimming allows the individual to set goals and reach them on their own, without needing assistance or working out in a large group.

For someone who wants to be part of a team and still experience a healthy workout, Water Polo is a good choice. It involves a significant number of people who are in the pool at the same time and work together to play the game and get a great workout.

Water Aerobics are a great choice for those who like to participate in a group and get an effective workout of both cardiovascular and muscular conditioning activities. When completing a class of water aerobics, keep in mind that the class should begin with a warm-up, include a period of workout that efficiently challenges you and requires some calorie-burning and muscle toning efforts and then concludes with a cool-down period so as to avoid muscle strain. The cool-down should include exercises to enhance flexibility.

Workouts Are Easier On Your Joints

Protecting your joints is important when you are older and attempting to create a workout routine that you can maintain. In order to find the right exercise for you, it is worthwhile to consider walking, jogging and other land-based workouts. However, for those who are dealing with joint pain already, it is good to know that joints are protected when exercise is done in the water.

The water helps support a portion of the individual’s weight, which means gravity is not working against you as you attempt to complete a set distance or time period of exercise. With the water supporting your weight and taking the stress off of your joints, you can then focus on the exercise and getting through the set time. This helps you work off calories you might not have burned if you were attempting to walk or jog and had to cut the workout short due to pain.

Water Workouts Provide More Resistance

Some people are intent on strengthening the body, building muscle or achieving a level of support and strength that has been lost due to time or an accident. When completing a workout in water, the water provides the resistance. Working against the water to do laps or perform aerobic exercise can be a great method of strength training without hitting the weight room.

Aerobics in the water is a great way to perform exercise that targets different muscle groups while minimizing the chance of injury, even for those just getting back into exercise. The chance to do the workout and feel the achievement without injury is important.

Exercise In The Water Can Be Done By Anyone

Age is a key to determining what exercise might be best for your body and how much time to spend working out. When it comes to exercise in water, however, you can complete a workout at any age and find the appropriate level of time and activity to spend.

Workouts while playing water sports may not burn as many calories as certain activities on land, but they do help you make progress in an exercise regimen and provide notable results.

When it comes to deciding between water exercises, consider reading an article that weighs the options, like this one, which allows the reader to determine which type of exercise will provide the biggest benefit to her.

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