Trying to Lose Weight? Which Beachbody Program is Best For You?

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Not all Beachbody Programs are created equal. That’s a very important fact because each program is designed to offer you a particular type of result. That means there are programs for gaining muscle tone, some for strength and agility, and others are designed to get your sexy back.

What if you’re really just interested in losing weight? Beachbody has something for you too. If all you want is to shed off some pounds and get that lean body, then you are in luck because Beachbody has more than one program that can help you achieve that. Check out these five very effective regimens for weight loss and see which one is right for you.

PiYo Workout

PiYo is a Pilates and Yoga combo that is perfect for you if you want to ease your way into leanness. It consists of seven low-impact workouts that will tone and strengthen your body from head to toes.

Low-impact doesn’t necessarily mean easy. They are fairly tough, but you won’t have to jump, lift weights, use equipment, or strain your joints. Furthermore, you will really enjoy every bit of PiYo because Chalene Johnson, is an amazing instructor. The program takes a total of 60 days, but you can always repeat the whole of it until you attain the weight, and flexibility, that you desire.

21-Day Fix

How deep can you dig? Can you stick to a strict diet and workout program for 21 days? If you think the answer is yes, then try the 21-Day Fix from Beachbody.

Celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese will take you through an instructional program that will teach you how to eat well (including the right food choices and portions) and the exercises that will match the diet. Don’t be scared by the 21-day commitment required; it is actually one of the easiest programs from Beachbody, and pretty much anybody can do it.

Focus T25 Workout

Can’t workout? What’s your excuse? Limited time?

With the Focus T25 from Beachbody, you really don’t have a ‘no time’ excuse because you only need 25 minutes per day. The program consists of two 5 week sessions. You will start easy as you slowly progress to the tougher exercises. The intense exercises will surely burn those extra calories so be prepared to sweat your way to leanness.

The truth is it’s a pretty tough program, but then again weight loss is never really easy. So if you think you are short on time but have the will and energy to shed off the extra pounds, simply subscribe to this daily regimen and wait to be amazed.

P90X3 Workout

This Tony Horton creation is based on the philosophy that the first 30 minutes of your workout are the most important. So it packs a series of strength and cardio exercises in a 30-minute program.

One great thing is that it has alternating exercises that will ensure you don’t get bored by only one or a few routines. Are you best suited for this program if you want to lose weight? Definitely yes. But commitment is key because you need to make every second of the 30 minutes count.

Insanity Max:30 Workout

We’ve already talked about a 21 day program here, but if you want to get insane, how about taking it a notch higher to 60 days? You can with Beachbody’s effective Insanity Max:30.

Created by Shaun T, the program consists of 150 different moves that will kick your ass first before becoming fun. If you have the heart for intense workouts, or really want to challenge yourself, then this is the ultimate Beachbody program for weight loss.

If you’re still not sure, you might want to check out some Beachbody Live classes, where trained instructors motivate you through the different work outs. See how each program makes you sweat, in the good way, and stick with the one that’s best for your fitness goals.

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