These 3 Habits Will Boost Your Weight Loss

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We all know the same old “eat less, exercise more” phrase. I won’t argue with thermodynamics and physics — I would lose.

However, there are several things you can do to accelerate your diet. Let’s say you’re losing a pound a month now, and you would like to double this — how would you do that?

In this article we’ll take a look at3 (surprising) things that will increase your fat loss! These are things that 95% of dieters are doing wrong, and they are making their weight loss that much harder!

Make sure you drink enough water — and then some

Did you know that most people live in a state of mild dehydration– constantly? It’s true.

Lose weight by drinking water
Drinking enough water is key to losing weight! It’s a free way to boost your metabolism.

If you don’t drink enough water, your body will work on idle. You will feel less energixed, which in turn makes you burn less calories. By making sure you drink enough water, you will benefit in a lot of areas: you’ll feel more energized, sleep better and get better skin.

“Water’s involved in every type of cellular process in your body, and when you’re dehydrated, they all run less efficiently — and that includes your metabolism. Think of it like your car: if you have enough oil and gas, it will run more efficiently. It’s the same with your body.”

“Your metabolism is basically a series of chemical reactions that take place in your body,” says Trent Nessler, PT, DPT, MPT, managing director of Baptist Sports Medicine in Nashville. “Staying hydrated keeps those chemical reactions moving smoothly.” Being even 1% dehydrated can cause a significant drop in metabolism.

Drinking enough water also has the added benefit of making you feel less hungry. Sugar cravings, or feelings of hunger, are often a signal that you’re thirsty — and not hungry!

Chew your food better

When you start eating, there is a delay between your feeling of hunger and feeling full. If you are eating fast, this will cause you to eat too much.

Generally, your body is pretty good at telling you when you should eat and when enough is enough. However, if you eat fast and swallow your food whole, your brain can’t keep up with it.

This is an old advice, and many might brush it off as “bro-science”. However, a recent study in China showed that obese men were faster eaters than their skinny counterparts. The same study showed that men who chewed their food 40 times or more lost 12% more than those who chewed it 15 times or less.

Compared with lean participants, obese participants had a higher ingestion rate and a lower number of chews per 1 g of food. However, obese participants had a bite size similar to that of lean subjects. Regardless of status, the subjects ingested 11.9% less after 40 chews than after 15 chews. Compared with 15 chews, 40 chews resulted in lower energy intake and postprandial ghrelin concentration and higher postprandial glucagon-like peptide 1 and cholecystokinin concentrations in both lean and obese subjects.

Walk more — It’s some of the best exercise you can get after a meal

Many might think that a walk is nothing compared to sweating at the gym. You might burn more calories per amount of time in the gym — I’ll give you that. But a quick walk after a meal has another benefit, it activates your Glut-4 receptors. These receptors will absorb the glucose (sugar) from the meal you just had. It does not have to be a long walk. 5-15 minutes is more than plenty.

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