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Our Complete Review of Flat Belly Overnight and Why You’ll Want to Look Elsewhere

We almost never say this, but feel free to scroll straight to the bottom for our alternate suggestions.

Flat Belly Overnight ™

Effectiveness 75%
Ease of Use 83%
Scientific Backing 57%


  • The ida behind the program is good, a simple weight loss solution.


  • The program fails to deliver Narrow focus No scientific backing In 2018 there's definitely better programs on the market, and at a better price point.

You're unhappy with yourself, your body, the way your clothes fit. Maybe you are secretly disgusted and ashamed that you're winded walking up a couple flights of stairs, or that you just don't have enough energy to get out and do the activities you want to do. Maybe you're concerned about type 2 diabetes, or are already struggling with the condition.

Whatever it is that is causing you to want to take action to be a better you, embrace it. Sure, this may sound a little odd. I'm not saying that you should feel proud of yourself, or that you don't need to do anything. I'm saying, that you should recognize that you've already done the first step, in realizing that you need to, and want to make a change.

That's why you're here. That is why we work hard to give you all the information we can about health related programs, so that you are successful in your transformation.

Today, we're reviewing the Flat Belly Overnight.

What is the Flat Belly Overnight?

Does The Flat Belly Overnight: sound familiar? Well, it’s a health and fitness program created by Andrew Raposo which claims to help you get a flatter and slimmer stomach in a matter of days.

Sounds great right? Or does it sound a little too good to be true?

Before you get started with this weight loss program, or any program, it's always a good idea to take a quick look into what's involved, what is included, and decide for yourself how effective this program really is.

Here we have put together a comprehensive review to help you decide.


To be completely honest, i'm a strong believer in reading reviews and finding out as much information as you can before you decide. However, in the interest of saving some time, I will start off saying that I DO NOT RECOMMEND this system. 

It is poorly designed, it doesn't include any helpful tools or tips, and I really don't believe it will work. That being said, if you're interested, I urge you to read more.

However, if you want to save some time and are looking for something that will actually work, check out our recommendations for the best weight loss plans, feel free to scroll down to the bottom of this page for our alternative recommendations.

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The Creator

Andrew Raposo is a fitness specialist and certified personal health trainer who shares a ‘trick’ that can help you burn fat as quickly possible. According to Andrew, his program doesn’t involve following any strict diet, and instead introduces herbs and natural fat-burning ingredients to your diet. These herbs and ingredients help improve your body metabolism, which in turn quickens the burning of abdominal fat.

The Flat Belly Overnight system is comprised of three parts. The first includes some exercises called the Belly Flattening Sequences, and the other two modules teach you the secrets to a flatter and firmer stomach. This is accompanied by a detoxification formula guide.

The claim is that with a combination of these three programs, you'll get a firmer and trimmer midsection quickly.

Call us skeptical, but we thought it sounded just a little too good to be true. Just like with anything in life, you want to know if the effort your put it will be worth it. Life is too busy to add another thing onto your plate for nothing. We were curious and looked a little further into the system to see if there was anything hidden between the lines, of their very minimal information guide, that we might be missing.

Who is the program for?

The program is designed for men and women aged 35 and over who find it difficult to battle the bulge, especially women fighting cellulite. The program doesn’t just concentrate on losing abdominal fat, but also highlights other trouble spots of stubborn fat that become more and more difficult to target as you get older.

It doesn’t actually matter much if you have any previous experience with dieting or working out. The program isn’t so difficult to follow. Even a someone completely new to fitness programs, or someone who has tried other ones in the past will be able to follow this weight loss schedule.

The only caution is for people who are currently under restricted or monitored health programs, suffer from diabetes, or that are taking medication consult their physician before starting.

The main objective of Flat Belly Overnight is to help you lose fat to get a slim and toned physique. This means it’s not the program for you if you want to build muscle or if you want to emphasize more on fitness than aesthetics, for example increasing your stamina.

How Flat Belly Overnight Works

There is nothing spectacular about this program, which is why the claims it makes that you’ll lose 2 pounds of belly fat in the morning, just from making one small change before going to bed, seem to be rather far-fetched.

The marketing around this product is great. They promise you almost instant results. But the sad truth is that it just doesn't deliver.

The program generally recycles and gives you general information about health and fitness principles that are common knowledge. It is no secret that you should try to eat healthy, avoid processed food, and try to incorporate at least some basic exercise into your daily routine.

Beyond this, you're not going to find a bunch of new tips or tricks that justify the price you're paying for the program.

What is included with The Fat Belly Overnight System

By now you have a good overview about what the program is about, but  you want to know what’s inside the package and how it’s going to help you get that flat, toned, body you’ve been craving.

There are three main sections

  • Belly Flattening Sequences- Video section with 7 videos included
  • Done For Your Template- Downloadable PDF
  • Flat Belly Detox Formula – Downloadable PDF

Here is a more detailed look at each section.

1. Belly Flattening Sequences

This section is comprised of 7 short videos, ranging from 2 to 4-minute exercises without any audio.

Yes, that's right. The videos don't include any sound or instruction, explaining the proper way to do the exercises shown.

Each video shows sequences of 2-3 exercises you need to do within less than 3 minutes, which is make you lose weight. What you see is Andrew doing the exercise in the videos, with some on screen text giving a little bit of information about the exercise and what you're doing along with that target areas you're supposedly working out.

In our option, the exercises are pretty basic, and nothing new. There are some planks variations, Glute Bridge, and hip lifts. Moreover, most of them are repeated in multiple sequences, so you end up with only a handful of exercises that are readily available on YouTube for free, which is very disappointing.

Not to mention that it's unrealistic to burn off enough calories to transform your body by just doing 3 minutes of exercise a day.

My thoughts on this section 

Honestly, I wasn’t very impressed with these exercises and videos. You know the saying: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And this is exactly the case here.

In a perfect world, we could all lose weight by exercising for just 3 minutes a day, but the reality is it just doesn’t work. I know it, you know it, and Andrew knows it.

Maybe this was his plan all along, because in addition to the Flat Belly Overnight System you can pay for additional workout videos at a higher cost. If you’re not happy after 6 weeks with the videos that are included, you can opt to pay an additional $97 for a 6 Week System add-on. This would include workouts tailored to your body weight and type.

On top of that, you can purchase the Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint and a set of Rapid Fat Loss Workout Videos for an extra $19. Another option on offer is the Flat Belly Sleep Hack System for better sleep and to burn fat while sleeping for an additional $37.

Now, I didn’t purchase these, so I’m not sure what’s included, but if they’re anything like the original program, I’m okay with missing out on them.

2. Done for You Template

This part of the program is delivered to you in a downloadable PDF, which gives you secrets to a flatter and firmer stomach. It’s 20 pages of large text information. Considering the fact that it’s supposed to be the core of the program, it provides surprisingly superficial information.

Twenty pages. That’s it.

Even before I get into what’s in this section, let’s address this. Twenty pages of oversize text probably isn’t going give me all the tips, tricks, secrets, and suggestions I’m looking for. Let’s see what’s included; maybe I’m wrong.

You have a list of 10 fat loss tips and tricks, most of which are easily available from a quick Google search, and a list of popular health food groups that provide no explanation or further detail why they’re good for you or what they do for your body.

There’s also a third list describing what a typical healthy eating day should look like. This includes 3 example meals to eat, made up of the foods from the list. Unfortunately, recipes are not included.

This section ends by reminding you to follow the work out videos every day. You know, the 3 minutes of exercise that are supposedly enough to flatten your belly.

3. Detox Formula

For the third and final part of the content section of this program, you get even less information than you did in the previous section. This pdf is less than 20 pages long, and doesn’t contain much information, either.

Here you’ll learn which teas are good for your metabolism, and what herbs can be used in food to increase fat burning. It also has some simple smoothie recipes for inspiration.

Color me unimpressed. I know I’m starting to sound like a mean person here, but I could—and probably you could—come up with a list of smoothie ideas off the top of my head right now if you gave me a few minutes.

And that’s it. Between these two PDFs, that is all the information you get from this entire system. Do you think it’s going to be enough? Personally, I don’t.


Pros and Cons

For a simple breakdown of the program’s positive and negative aspects, take a look at these pros and cons.


  • The exercises are easy to follow, even for novices who have never exercised before, and people in their 50s or 60s won’t find it difficult to follow along.
  • The diet ideas constitute easily-available, everyday foods, making it convenient for anyone to get started.
  • Short exercises can be done at home, and don’t use much of your time; they’ll fit anyone's schedules easily.
  • There’s a 60-day full refund guarantee in case you aren’t happy with the program.
  • The information is straightforward, anyone can understand and follow it


  • Claims of helping individuals lose 2 pounds per night seem to be nothing more than marketing hype
  • Even if it’s possible to lose 2 pounds a night, it doesn't take into account that this might be dangerous for some people to lose weight so fast.
  • It’s important you consult your doctor before starting the program if you have serious health conditions.
  • The Flat Belly Overnight is available only in video and PDF formats, which can be a disappointment to those who prefer using a hard-copy book or physical DVD.
  • The ‘Amy’ person projected to have lost weight through the program is fake. The photos represent an unknown individual and are widely available on the internet. They have been used to promote many weight loss programs.
    • That's right, their spokesperson, the person they want to highlight as having success with this program is not real. I don't think there is much more to say about this.
  • It’s does not give you the option to target certain parts of your body you want to work on, either through the exercise or for losing stubborn body fat.
  • Too expensive for the limited content provided in the program
  • Not much information provided about add-ons, so not sure if they’re worth buying or not
  • Does not include any healthy weight loss recipes


The price of the program would be reasonable IF it did what it was meant to do. However, for $37, all you’re getting is some basic information and a few short workouts.

To be fair, the information that was included was fine; it was simple, and basic, but promoted generally healthy practices. I just didn’t feel like it was personalized, or that I wouldn’t be able to find these things out myself.

IF you do choose to give this program a try, you can make your purchase on their website. Once you make your payment, you’re directed to a page where you can choose the male or female version of the program.

Upon making your choice, you receive a handful of 2-minute videos of basic exercises to do to lose weight, which are available for free on the internet. In addition to this, you receive 2 short PDFs containing a few ‘secrets,’ and the detox formulas.

You don’t find any step-by-step information to guide you, nor are there any workouts or meal plans to follow. However, you can get this information and more workouts as an expensive add-on after buying the main Flat Belly Overnight program.


The Flat Belly Overnight program doesn’t seem to provide much value for your money. All you need is about half an hour to go through its contents and to watch its videos. Moreover, most of the content and tips and tricks are nothing special, and are readily available for free online on other sites.

The exercises are underwhelming and don't come with sound. The example person they use as their before and after example is not a real person.

I think we can stop there, don't you?

However, if you DO want to try this program out for yourself, the good news is that it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Our pro tip – The health and fitness industry is full of weight loss programs, don't limit yourself to one that doesn't work. In the very next section we'll tell your our top recommendations and the programs we absolutely love, because they work.

Alternate Recommendations

I almost didn't want to review this one because I wasn't happy with the product at all, and I didn't want promote it. Here at Janetfitness, we want to give you information that actually works.

Even if we're just looking at the title and what it promises, a flat belly, overnight, it would have been a safe bet to say that this program wasn't going to do what it says. Losing weight is completely achievable, and might be a life saving action, but there is no magic cure, pill, or program that's going to give you a flat belly overnight.

Programs work, when you find the one that works for you, is designed for you, and you stick to it.

If you've made it this far, or have just skipped down, and are looking for a weight loss program that you can stick with, that actually works, and that has proven results, I suggest taking a quick look at our top recommended weight loss plans for 2017.

These aren't just the latest weight loss programs, but the ones that we have reviewed before and are still the best around.

If you just want to jump right to the best picks, we suggest the Venus Factor plan for women and either the Old School New Body or The Fat Diminisher plan for men, and women who are interested in gaining a back of their youthfulness and slimming down while improving their health.

Just because the Flatbelly Overnight isn't the creme of the crop doesn't mean there is no hope. Work with a program that is designed to work for you.

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