Our Review of the Sunpentown AB-759 Vibratone Vibration Trainer

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The Sunpentown AB-759 is undoubtedly one of the most popular low-end (budget wise, not performance wise) whole body vibration (WBV) machines today. Everything about this model – from its design to maximize performance and everything else in-between – is meant to offer affordable health and fitness in a home setting. In fact, this unit is one of the few that can be used by experienced and beginner users as well.

Vibration Type

This machine offers pivotal oscillating motion, the kind of vibration where the plate moves up and down on either side like on a see-saw. Like all the other types of vibrations, oscillation is great at contracting and relaxing muscles, which ultimately results in amazing workout sessions for pretty much the whole body.

That said, this type of motion is particularly perfect at improving fast twitch muscles, enhancing weight loss, and increasing lymphatic drainage. So, apart from trying to stay fit, you might also want to consider buying the Sunpentown AB-759 to help reduce cases of inflammation and/or fasten the healing process for body tissues (especially after surgery).

Construction and Design

The Sunpentown AB-759 is superbly constructed for home use. With dimensions of 21.1 x 17.1 x 49.2 inches and a weight of 55.5 pounds, the unit is easy to move around the house. It is light compared to most other models, which is why it only supports up to 265 pounds of weight.
One good thing is that it is fitted with handles that you can use to support yourself so that you don’t fall off the platform. Although the handles don’t vibrate, the just the fact that you will be clutching on them as you exercise will work your arms too a little bit.

Features and Usability

While it might be a low-cost model, the Sunpentown AB-759 is way up there with high-end whole body vibration machines regarding features and ease of use.

  • For starters, it comes with three auto programs already installed in the unit. That eliminates the whole process of trying to figure out which frequency setting is ideal for you. This feature is particularly ideal for beginners who don’t know how to set user-determined frequencies yet and those who don’t understand the benefits that come with a particular vibration frequency.
  • Secondly, the unit has 20 different speeds for you to choose from. Of course, your choice depends on your level of experience and what you want to achieve in using the machine. If you are a complete novice or are trying to recover from an illness like MS you can start from the lowest speed as you progress to higher speed levels.
  • Finally, the machine is fitted with a 20-minute timer that allows you to set a reminder. That will allow you not to either under or over-exercise. Plus it will enable you to keep track of your daily sessions. Consistency is very important when it comes to the length of your workouts. This helps you from fatiguing your muscles.


When it comes to performance, do not let the low cost of the Sunpentown AB-759 fool you. The unit offers fantastic health, fitness, and beauty benefits that you can’t find in any other single package.

It causes your muscles contract and then relax automatically as they respond to the vibrations in a reflexive type of way. As a result, working out on this machine leads to stimulated blood flow, as well as the stretching of tendons and ligaments in the whole body.

The one thing that makes the unit really efficient is the fact that it takes only 10 to 20 minutes of workout per day for you to start noticing the results. And all you have to do is stand on the platform and make slight adjustments to your posture as the workout session progresses.

As a matter of fact, this machine is so good that some doctors have recommended it for MS patients. The stimulation to the muscles (particularly the legs) is so great and leads to improved strength in a matter of weeks.


  • Very efficient and produces results when used for just 10 to 20 minutes a day.
  • Fitted with handles for support purposes. They don’t vibrate and thus cannot affect your stability while on the platform.
  • Very affordable unit compared to other models in the market today.
  • Offers real results that are beneficial to your health. For instance, it improves blood circulation, posture, mobility, balance, metabolism, and coordination; reduces back pain and stiffness; and prevents constipation.
  • Compact and lightweight enough for easy mobility around the home.
  • Comes with various useful settings, including 3 pre-installed programs, 20 different speeds, and a timer.


  • The 265-pound maximum weight is a bit too low to support some users.
  • The plate tends to make noise when in use, but that subsides over time.


Despite the two demerits of the Sunpentown AB-759, this machine does offer real value for money when it comes to performance. By using it for 10 to 20 minutes only per day, you will improve your health and fitness to amazing levels in a few weeks. Furthermore, you can use it to treat symptoms of MS or to avoid its risk completely. Not many units offer these many benefits in one package.

Manufacturer: Sunpentown

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