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Do the SugarBearHair Vitamins Really Work?

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There’s a very strong link between hair and beauty, there’s no question about that. If you have elegant hair, you are bound to turn a few heads. Several of your friends will even want to know the secret behind it. That explains why we all spend so much money, time and effort in trying to get longer, lusher and sexier hair.

I for one crave for fast-growing hair that is very strong, elastic, and free of split ends. But somehow that always seems like a pipe dream because every so often I find myself having to struggle with frizzy hair, dry scalp, dandruff, split ends and at times it even falls off.

Well, in a bid to find a lasting solution, I came across the SugarBearHair supplement. If you’ve spent some time on social media you’ve probably seen celebrities like Kylie Jenner hyping this particular product. So what exactly is it and does it really improve hair as they claim? I have done the complete review to help you determine whether it is good for you.

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What Is SugarBearHair?

According to the creators, SugarBearHair is a vitamin formula that contains all natural ingredients like folic acid, biotin and a host of vitamins that are proven to support a healthy growth of hair.

The supplement achieves that purpose by solving such problems as dandruff, flaky skin and hair loss. Ultimately, they leave your hair looking lusher, shinier and sexier.

But perhaps more importantly, they make it possible for your hair to grow longer and stronger while still maintaining a good level of elasticity.

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One of the best things about the supplement is that it is packaged as gummies that you can take just like any other vitamin. It is vegetarian, dairy-free, soy-free and gluten-free.

It works perfectly well for men too. If you are a guy, don’t be shy to place your order.

How It Works

Woman with nice curvy blond hair

Before we get into the details of how Sugar Bear Hair gummies work, it’s probably important to mention that your hair is actually alive. 

It needs constant nourishment to grow properly and stay healthy and shiny. The best way to provide such nourishment is internally.

Unfortunately almost all the hair products that are available in the market only allow for topical application. That is why you might spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetic products and still end up with terrible looking hair.

With the SugarBear gummies, you ingest the supplement and allow it to work from within the body. Giving you all the stuff you need right from the beginning.

What makes it work?

The logic is pretty simple, and it’s no secret. SugarBearHair has just been able to package all the vitamins and nutrients you need for long, strong, healthy hair, into an easy to remember, fun way of taking them.

We all know vitamins are good for you, and that we SHOULD be taking them everyday, but it’s easy to forget. I know it is for me anyway.

But by just placing these cute bears in your bathroom, by your nightstand, or even on your kitchen table, you’ll never forget your vitamins again.

That means you’ll be getting tons of the main ingredient, biotin (5,000mg) which is used to stimulate the creation of fatty acids within the scalp. Fatty acids keep the scalp hydrated enough to absorb and utilize all the nutrients required for your hair to grow in a healthy manner.

Anyone who has been looking into growing their hair and nails has heard of biotin, and knows it works. Eat a bear and supply your body with the biotin it needs for your hair becomes longer, stronger and generally appealing to the eye.

Sugarbearhair vitamins vegetarian dietary supplements

Other ingredients are:

Vitamin A & E, B12: vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin B12:

Stimulate the growth of hair follicles by improving blood flow and distribution of nutrients in your body.

Vitamin C:

Promotes the creation of collagen, a protein that works to make hair stronger.

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid):

Increases the amount of keratin in your hair. It also repairs the strands that have broken or split.

Vitamin B6:

Helps your scalp to form the skin cells required for hair follicles to grow and attach to.

Vitamin B9 (folic acid):

Stimulates cell division in hair. It is responsible for the growth of hair, creating a thick full head of hair. The more of it you have the faster your hair will grow.

The other ingredients are coconut oil, iodine, zinc, choline and inositol.

All those ingredients are completely safe for consumption and they only affect hair growth on your scalp. So you don’t have to worry about hair growing excessively on other parts of your body like face, arms or legs!

How to Use SugarBearHair

Using the SugarBearHair supplement is super easy. Simply eat two gummy bears per day in any way you like. You can take them plain or with a meal or drink.

Remember though, if you have any medical condition, you may want to consult your doctor first before trying these gummies. It is also not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers to use the supplement.

Sugarbearhair hair vitamins vegetarian supplements gummies

Is It Safe?


All the ingredients used are natural and safe for consumption.

If anything, the supplement will actually improve your health in more ways than just restoring your hair’s lustre.

Keratin works wonders in strengthening and growing beautiful nails, and coconut oil has a seamlessly endless list of benefits.

Side note – There’s one issue : you might be tempted to eat these sweet citrus and fruit tasting gummies more than twice a day. They are like candy after all.

Although I wouldn’t recommend taking more than two per day, they don’t come with any overdose related problems.


The Benefits Of SugarBearHair Gummies

Within week’s of taking the vitamin, you’ll start to notice a difference. However, just like with all vitamins and changes that happen in your body, it might take a month before everyone else starts to notice as well.

Here is what you can expect :

  • Healthy looking hair that is lusher, shinier and stronger
  • Hydrated scalp
  • Faster growing hair
  • Significant reduction in hair breakage and splits
  • Less dandruff
  • More elastic hair

Woman blond hair plait hair pigtail

Important Things to Remember

This supplement is not for you if you are:

  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Suffering from any medical condition
  • Interested in re-growing your hair after going bald
  • Allergic or sensitive to biotin and/or any of the listed ingredients
  • On a strict sugar-free diet


The price depends on the package you choose.

They come in three options:

  • one-month supply that costs $29.99. This comes with 60 gummies.
  • three-month supply that goes for $81.99. You get 180 gummy bears here.
  • and a six-month package for which you will pay $154.99 for 360 gummies.

Sugarbearhair hair vitamins vegetarians supplements gummy bear


You save a little when you buy for multiple months at a time and the 6-month option is certainly the best deal because it allows you to save up to 14%.

While this may sound a little pricey, just remember what you’re paying now for your special leave in conditions, hair oils, and other hair care products.

With SugarHairBear, you’ll actively restore your hair now, and for the future. That means you won’t have to buy those products anymore. Save money on the long run.

Get them shipped anywhere in the world and try them out for yourself today.

Notice that price may vary over time.

Why should you try it?

The best thing about SugarBearHair is that the ingredients used are safe, healthy, and proven to properly boost growth of hair.

If you go ahead and purchase this supplement, you can be sure you’re going to see positive results and a real difference.

Are you ready to start turning heads?


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