Stars Using Alpha Brain: Joe Rogan’s Story

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The new buzz word in the neurological field is cognitive enhancement, or nootropic, and companies such as Onnit, are industry leaders, providing supplements everyday people and celebrities alike.

Onnit has manufactured Alpha Brain, a highly regarded nootropic supplement in North America. AB has a wide range of users from those new to, and already familiar with, the concept of brain enhancing supplements.

It is only of their products that has gained popularity due to it having been heavily endorsed by Joe Rogan, an American sports color commentator, comedian, and actor. He has been a regular user of the product and frequently shares his success with others.

What is Alpha Brain?

Basically, Alpha Brain is a brain-enhancing supplement that helps to boost memory and overall cognitive capabilities. In addition, it feeds your brain cells with the much needed oxygen which increases your concentration and ability to maintain endurance during physical exercises.

The great thing about AB is that it is developed in a “stack” design, which means it’s a combination of several supplements which enhance cognitive functions in many different ways.

What Distinguishes Alpha Brain from Other Nootropics? 

Supplements aren’t really a new thing. For years and years we’ve heard about work out drug after work out booster. And it’s true, many of them succeed in providing products that can prolong workouts among users.

However, what many companies fail to include in their supplements, is a cognitive enhancer that enables your brain to keep up with your body, which is just as important. Alpha Brain is the complete package which delivers impressive results.

Also, Onnit utilizes natural ingredients which have been scientifically tested. So if you’re shopping for an affordable, pharmaceutical-grade nootropic supplement with rich scientific evidence, then take AB into consideration.

Beneficial Ingredients

Rogan wants everyone, especially critics to understand that the products made by Onnit are very effective and reliable. The company is well-known for using natural, beneficial ingredients when producing supplements. One important ingredient is the oat straw, coming from avena sativa. This ingredient minimizes stress and exhaustion levels and helps relax the nervous system. The less the stress or exhaustion felt, the better your mental and physical functions. Another key ingredient is Huperzia (Hup A), known for improving memory function.

Improved Stamina

As stated by Rogan, Alpha is the best workout supplement on the market because of its ability to improve physical strength. The product not only gives you a better workout but also a better brain function throughout the day. Rogan is a famous sports personality, training with the best of them, and is able to make the most of his workouts with AB.

Increased Mental Sharpness

Alpha Brain is a natural nootropic that works toward boosting overall memory and brain abilities. For Joe Rogan, it’s almost impossible to make any professional appearance without first taking his Alpha dosage. This is a necessity to him, and he usually takes his pills before participating in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), speaking on a podcast, or doing a stand-up routine. To show others how serious he is about Alpha Brain, he once took the product on the stage in full view of the cameras. It gives him the energy to handle any job at hand.

Improved Memory

The product works well to enhance memory. Through the continuous usage of AB, Rogan has been able to recall words with great simplicity, which is very important for his job as a comedian. Instead of struggling with actually saying what we intended to say, like many of us do, Alpha Brain prevents that. According to him, AB doesn’t just help you recall words, but boosts your creativity as well. He doesn’t have to spend so much time thinking about what to say.

Improved Sleep

One of the ingredients, huperzia, found in Alpha Brain, enables your brain to utilize more acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that enhances sleep. Rogan and many other regular users of AB say their sleeping patterns have been impacted n a good way. When you’re out on the road and pumped up with adrenaline, it is important to make the time you do get to rest as productive as possible.

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