Stamina X Fortress Power Tower Review

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Manufacturer: Stamina X

If you’re looking for a home gym that doesn’t take up a lot of room but offers more than the basic models, the Fortress Power Tower from Stamina X Fortress might be the answer. This latest design from the respected Stamina company has multiple workout stations integrated together with some of the most underrated exercise accessories.

Light and compact, this power tower still allows you to get a full body work out with a broad range of exercises. It’s the only workout station that lets you take advantage of you some rare upper body workout options with its Boulder fit rock climbing holds and ab straps.

Stamina X has rightly named this product the Power Tower and customers are in agreement that the additional advancements take your workout to a whole new powerful level.

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Construction and Design

Stamina X power tower boasts a sturdy steel frame with 2″ thick tubes making up most of its body. What makes this design unique is how compact, but efficient it is. It is easy to store and move around but does need to be used in a room where the ceiling is more than 7-feet tall, since its height is around 85-inches.

Weighing just 68lbs, this home gym is an excellent example of ergonomic design. Despite the comparatively narrow base, the sturdiness and stability of this machine are very reliable. To provide proper grip while exercising, the handles and bars have been covered with a rubber foam and can comfortably support a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

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Features and Usability

Building your upper body strength is no sweat with the Stamina X Power Tower. This home gym features a pull-up station with two inner and two external handles. This set up is not commonly seen in home gyms but allows you to do extra exercises like parallel grip pull ups. Take advantage of the 20” dip station with 7 different settings to isolate and target your muscle groups.

Use the rock climbing grips to hold yourself steady, the plyometric pull-up station, and rely on the thick cushioned roller middle bar to support you while you discover what other activities are possible.
Don’t worry about skipping leg day; the power tower has your lower body covered as well. Tone your muscles with step-ups, squats, and other lower body exercises. Hook on the abs straps for core strengthening exercises, and soon your whole body will feel the burn, in a good way.


The Stamina X Fortress Power Tower provides some exciting options for a home gym. Not only is it incredibly powerful and study, but also innovatively built to allow a wide array of exercises. For someone who wants a full home workout solution, that isn’t complicated or takes up a lot of room; this power tower is an excellent choice.


  •  It features uncommon additional workout accessories such as rock climbing and plyometric workout stations
  •  Compact design for easy storage
  •  Includes a multi-faceted pull-up station and parallel pull up bars
  •  Is easy to assemble and doesn’t require much maintenance
  •  Well priced when considering how many exercise options you can do with it


  •  It can only support up to 250 pounds

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The Stamina X fortress Power Tower is much more than a power tower. It is a full-fledged fortress for any workout or physical activity enthusiast. Sturdy, compact, and extremely innovative, this home gym makes working out a fun experience. For a mid ranged power tower, this one has quite a lot to offer.

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