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Spotlight on John Barban – The Creator of The Venus Factor

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You have probably heard of The Venus Factor before but not so much on the man behind it. In every excellent diet program, there is a man or a woman who has worked hard before sharing it to the world. In this case, his name is John Barban.

Known as the creator of the Venus Factor diet program, John Barban, is no stranger to the fitness industry. He is a fitness consultant and through the years of practice, he has created several diet and fitness programs under his name.

The most popular of his creations is The Venus Factor program but aside from that he has also made Anything Goes Diet and Adonis Index System. He has also completed several personal training certifications like ACE (American Council on Exercise), NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association), and more. Impressive, right?

Curious to find out more about him? Let’s look at his background.

The Man With a Plan- His Work and Experience


The great thing about John Barban is that he is a real person. I mean he is not imaginary just so a face and a name can be tied up to a product so it will sell. This man is for real!

He is already accomplished even before The Venus Factor came along. He graduated with a degree in Human Biology and Nutrition from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. Not quite content with his bachelor’s degree, he went on to take his Masters degree from the same university.

He did some research in between and taught Exercise Physiology at the University of Florida. His resume is short of astounding. This man truly knows what he is doing.

John also worked for top companies like Blue Start Nutraceuticals and Muscle Tech. He studied different kinds of supplement until he came up with The Venus Factor diet program. This man can be trusted if he says what works and what doesn’t. Up to this day, he works with different supplement and weight-loss companies to help develop formulas and other products.

Being a man did not stop him to research on the techniques needed for a woman to lose weight and stay fit. With The Venus Factor, he proved that he knows what women wants.

Want to know more about John Barban? Check out this video of him.

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