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The Side Effects of Weight Loss Pills: What You Need To Know

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Losing weight seems like something we’re always struggling with. Whether it is 40 pounds or those last 5 pounds we’re trying to get rid of, we still have our work cut out for us. Everyone knows the eat less, exercise more idea behind weight loss. But when that isn’t enough, what do you do? Do you consider using weight loss pills?

This is a subject that lots of people think about, but don’t really discuss. There is a sort of stigma surrounding weight loss pills, and it’s time we find out once and for all what the deal with them is.

There are many hidden truths and myths about weight loss pills. This article will help you understand the working and effects of weight loss drugs, how they help you lose weight, and what to keep in mind before deciding to take them.

About Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss pills are supplements that contain drugs like Orlistat, Saxenda, and Belviq. These drugs work in different ways like blocking your body from absorbing fat or making your brain feel that your stomach is full which stops you from eating. All good news right?

No one wants to be overweight. Did you know that 40% of the common health issues, including type 2 diabetes and heart failure are caused due to obesity?

Weight loss pills and prescriptions

These supplements aren’t just over the counter self-medication. If your BMI is above 30, doctors can prescribe you a weight loss pill. In certain situations, like if you have diabetes or thyroid diseases, doctors may prescribe this option to you even if you only have a BMI of 27.

Basically, being overweight is dangerous to your health. You know it, I know it, and the doctors know it.

However, whether prescribed by a doctor or otherwise, you should still take caution when using these supplements. They’re not all created equal and some of them have been linked to negative side effects.



What to look out for

These are some of the commonly prescribed weight loss drugs and the harm and side effects they have on your body:

1. Xenical: If you thought just alcohol causes liver damage, you are wrong. Xenical is one of those weight loss pills which can cause serious liver injury. Other common side effects are excessive bowel movements. In many cases, the passing of gas becomes so uncontrollable that it becomes an embarrassment in public. You also need to take multivitamins once a day.

2. Adipex/ Suprenza: It contains the drug Phentermine, which has some serious side effects like high blood pressure, insomnia, dizziness, chest pain and shortness of breath. Since it is a diet suppressant, in many cases the user can also get addicted to it.

3. Saxenda: Surprisingly, Saxenda is a weight loss drug that is a higher dose of a drug used for controlling diabetes. Hence, it is quite strong, and some of the common side effects it can have on the user include diarrhea, low blood pressure, constipation and increase in appetite. The more serious side effects are kidney and gall bladder problems, suicidal thoughts and pancreatitis.

Side effects

  • Low blood pressure
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Kidney problems
  • Pancreatitis
  • Increase in appetite

I wasn’t going to break them down, because they’re not very pleasant, but it’s important to know. Above are just a few of the ones I covered, but you get the point.

So what is the best option?

Like with any other weight loss, diet, or brain supplement, make sure you know what’s in it before you take it. Not all weight loss pills result in these negative side effects.

Our recommendation is to take time looking into your options, check labels, buy from a respected company, and look for naturally made weight loss pills because they have comparatively fewer side effects.

As it goes, to achieve something, you might need to lose something, and in this case, to lose weight, you might need to accept the possibility of some side effects. Having said this, I would rather possibly have a headache than my liver damaged. So be sure to make your choice wisely and pick the right weight loss pill for you.

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