Should You Do a Rowing Routine?

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If you want to see results from your workouts, you will constantly need to switch up your routine. But knowing what kinds of workouts can bring you the results you’re looking for can be difficult, especially if it is an activity you’re not familiar with.

Rowing is one of the exercise routines you’ve probably heard of but never given a fair shot. But what are the benefits of a rowing routine? What areas does rowing help to workout? Is a rowing routine right for you?

We’ll help you answer those questions and more, right here.

How to Do a Rowing Routine

To do an effective rowing workout, you don’t need a boat. You don’t even need to be near the water. You only need access to a rowing machine.

To use a rowing machine, you will need to have your legs and arms engaged. With your legs pressed firmly in place, you should begin the motion by pushing with your legs while your core is engaged. Once your legs are fully extended, your legs should be flat against the machine.

The second part of the movement is only with your arms. While your legs are still fully extended, pull into your chest with your elbows going out to the side. Release back out and bend your knees to go back to your starting position.

What are the Benefits of a Rowing Routine?

The rowing machine can actually bring you a few benefits. Using the rowing machine could be right for you if you’re looking to achieve any of the following goals:

  • Lose Weight: The rowing machine is a great way to quickly burn calories, which means you can lose a significant amount of weight if you use the machine frequently.
  • Tone Muscles: A rowing routine can help engage your arms, chest, shoulders, legs, back, and core, so you can get a full body workout using this one machine. If you’re looking to tone any of these muscles, a rowing routine can make a great addition to your workout plan.
  • Cardiovascular Health: Rowing isn’t only beneficial to looking great, it can also help you feel healthier. Cardio workouts, including the use of a rowing machine, can help improve circulation in your body and contribute to healthy heart and lungs.

Rowing machines are also low-impact workouts, meaning they are great for someone looking for an exercise that won’t be tough on joints. Unlike other low-impact workouts, such as yoga, a rowing machine is a great way to burn a high amount of calories without putting yourself at risk for injury.

Is a Rowing Workout Right for You?  

Rowing routines can help just about everyone reach their overall health and fitness goals, but they can have added benefits for someone who can’t partake in high-impact workouts. If you are pregnant, elderly, overweight, or just getting started with an exercise regimen, rowing could be a great place to start. Other individuals who may want to consider a rowing routine are those suffering from arthritis, are recovering from a surgery, or otherwise injured.

A rowing routine is also recommended for someone looking for an exercise change. If you are having trouble letting go of extra body fat or you’re becoming bored with your typical workout routine, try giving the rowing machine a shot. As a full-body workout, you can begin to see the benefits of rowing relatively quickly.

Another time a rowing workout may be the right choice for you is if you’re looking for a quick, one-stop workout to engage the entire body. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend at the gym but you want to be sure all your muscles get some sort of attention, the rowing machine can help you burn calories and tone your muscles at the same time. Spending half an hour or so on the rowing machine can bring you the same results as spending hours with a combination of other machines.

When You Shouldn’t Do a Rowing Workout

For the most part, rowing is a safe and effective workout for just about everyone. But if you’re not performing the moves correctly, you could be at risk for injuring yourself.

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