Review of Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage with Linear Bearings

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Manufacturer: Marcy

Bodybuilding requires dedication, disciplined working out and maintaining a proper diet. However, it can be a real task to get to the gym if it’s located far from your home.

Sensing the requirement of home gym systems, Marcy has made some of the most innovative and user-friendly gym units made for your home. The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine with linear bearings is the latest and smartest design from the company, making exercising and bodybuilding much easier and more convenient.

This one is a full body training system that has a sturdy make combined with precision and efficiency of finest gym machines.

Rather than paying for gym memberships all your life, you can make this one-time investment which will save you money in the long run. In addition, you will also save the time and fuel spent in driving to the gym each day. Having a home gym system allows you to have flexibility in your workout schedule, so you don’t have to worry about opening and closing hours.

This detailed review will let you know all about this versatile and efficient home gym system from Marcy.

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Construction and Design

Designed especially for the heavy-duty body builders, the Marcy Diamond system with linear bearings is an ergonomically designed home gym. The 95 x 79 X 86 inches frame combines all the equipment that is needed for a full body training workout. From ultra-glide linear bearings to a dual function leg developer, this cage from Marcy is an all-in-one beast.

Though it takes up quite a lot of space, looking at the additional features and workout options that it comes with, the area it occupies seems appropriate.

The frame and joints are all made with excellent quality metal to keep the unit from corroding or getting worn out over time. The chrome guide rods have a thickness of 1-inch, making them robust enough to support high levels of weight and pressure.

The frame design also incorporates a 7 degree slant, which helps you to accommodate your upper and lower body while making movements comfortably. Get the most from your strength training workouts with the durable 3.75 inch thick nylon pulleys used throughout the system.

Highlights about the design of the Marcy Diamond Cage:

  1.  Includes a weight bench that can be used for multiple functions along with a bicep preacher curl, and a leg developer, for the lower body workout.
  2.  Allows cable crossovers offering high resistant pulley exercises to help you build core and pectoral muscles.
  3. Has built in adjustable bar catchers and safety stoppers. This way you can enjoy working out alone without needing a trainer or spotter nearby.
  4. Nonslip foot braces with diamond plates ensure you won’t slip or injure yourself while working out.
  5. It comes with additional workout attachments including two single handles, chrome row handles, ankle strap, triceps rope, shiver bar and a lat bar for a extended number of exercises.

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Features and Usability

What makes the Marcy Diamond machine with linear bearings so unique is the wide range of exercises and workouts that you can get from using it. Though the manufacturers list it as 100, the number of exercises you can perform with this home gym goes beyond that.

The off the floor base of this machine provides it better stability than most home gyms on the market, making sure that it doesn’t wobble or move around while you use it. With a capacity of up to 600lbs, this robust machine won’t wobble while you work out.

It is a one stop full body workout equipment. For instance, if we just take a look at leg exercises, the unit has six roller pads, along with the row, and curl bars. All to work out your legs. This design is a combination of three different machines- the Smith machine, Olympic free weight rack and the reliability from Mercy home gym manufactures. The precision of this versatile machine is unmatched.

It also includes a cable cross with a dual pulley system which provides you with plenty of options for core strengthening and stretching exercises. The cable cross also works on your chest muscles. Weightlifting, triceps curling, and several other workout options are available in this all-in-one machine.


The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine is one of the more expensive units on the market but it one of a kind, offering the highest number of workout options from one machine. It has a resistance of 600 lbs and might be exactly what you need to fulfill your fitness goals.


  • Offers a combination of workout machines at 1/3rd of the actual price.
  • Pays special attention to safety features with stoppers, diamond plates, and rods to avoid accidents.
  • Has a robust and sturdy build that can last for years.
  • Comes with a two year warranty for parts.
  • Includes an off the ground base for more stability.


  • Takes up more space than many other home gyms.

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On the whole, the Marcy Diamond Machine with Linear Bearings is a great buy for anyone who can afford it. It is a dream come true for any gym goer who cannot afford to buy full body workout machines separately, but doesn’t want to compromise on their fitness. It combines the best features of multiple machines into one, to provide the best at-home gym experience at your convenience.

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