Raspberry and Ketosis: What’s the Deal?

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Raspberry and ketosis – what’s the big deal with those two? There has been some buzz about this recently in the health and fitness world. The question is, is this just another health fad or is there some truth to the theories being thrown around? And if you’re not already familiar, what are the claims being said about the connection between the two?

So many questions with very few answers. In fact, if you do some research you’ll run into so much conflicting information, as usual with just about anything.Well, we’re interested too and wanted to get the truth about what exactly do raspberry and ketosis have to do with each other.

Read on to find out.

How Are The Two Related?

You know the raspberry fruit, right? It’s a pretty healthy one. Thanks to science, now we have raspberry ketones – a dietary supplement made using compounds that have been extracted from raspberry. Basically getting all the good antioxidants and ingredients from these tasty fruits without you having to eat a truckload of them.

Ketosis, is something you’re probably not as familiar with. It refers to a state where your body derives energy from ketone bodies in the blood. That’s a complicated way of saying that instead of using carbohydrates, your body burns fat to create energy.

Burning fat and losing weight go hand in hand, which is why some scientists and dietitians believe that when your body is in a ketosis state, you drop some pounds. Interesting, but how can you achieve that state? Well, one way is by consuming raspberry. Its ketones will take over the energy creation process and break down fat to supply the body with energy.

The takeaway point here is that raspberry brings about ketosis and the latter has some very amazing benefits that you definitely want to enjoy.


#1. Burns fat

Ketosis forces your body to use fat as fuel. What you need to do is cut your intake of carbs so as to force ketones to dig into fat deposits. In fact, when you starve the body will be very efficient at mobilizing body fat as energy and that means you will lose weight easily.

#2. Suppresses appetite 

If you are not particularly excited about intentional starving, then this second point will make you a bit happy. Ketones suppress your appetite. When you combined them with a protein-filled diet, you won’t feel the hunger for carbs. That’s another positive addition to the weight loss theory.

#3. Decreases your need for protein

A ketosis state means that your body prefers ketones to glucose. That means the proteins you consume will not be oxidized into glucose (a process called gluconeogenesis) and therefore you won’t feel a craving for proteins. That is not to say that you shouldn’t eat proteins completely. Always eat according to your caloric needs.

#4. Helps in fighting cancer

In case you didn’t know this, cancer cells thrive when there is sugar in the body. That means their ability to grow and multiply will be reduced significantly when there is a little sugar in your body. One way of reducing body sugar is by eliminating carbs, which is exactly what ketones do.

#5. Treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

This is not yet confirmed but evidence points towards that direction. The argument for this point is that Alzheimer’s disease results from the degeneration of the nervous system in the brain. Therefore, to treat its symptoms, you need to increase fat production in the body because healthy fat aids the brain and nervous system. By now you already know that a ketosis state burns fat.


Now you know why there is so much fuss around the raspberry-ketosis debate. As time goes on, there will only be more and more evidence to confirm the benefits of raspberries and how they can help you burn fat and lose weight. So next time you’re at the market, don’t be shy, pick up one or 5 cartoons and indulge. If you’re already on a strict diet, or short on time, take a look into raspberry ketone supplements. You’ll get all the benefits without any of the raspberry stains on your mouth and hands.

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