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Onnit Alpha Brain: Joe Rogan Talks About It

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Actor, comedian, and TV host, Joe Rogan, is a heavy endorser of Onnit and their Alpha Brain product. This brain-boosting substance helps to improve memory and overall cognitive function. At the same time, it will help to increase your focus and ability to maintain stamina during a workout. Rogan uses Alpha Brain regularly, and frequently talks about his success with it to others.

Nootropics for the Win

Workout enhancing products are available from a number of manufacturers. Many of them do their job of providing a focused ability to workout for longer. However, what many fail to include is a cognitive function to help the brain keep up with the body. Which is just as important.

According to Rogan, Nootropics wins the best workout substance thanks to its ability to improve mental sharpness. Not only will you receive a better workout while taking a Nootropics product, but you will also experience better brain function throughout the day. Alpha Brain is part of the Nootropics line and utilized natural ingredients and works toward improving overall memory and brain abilities.

Improving Mental Sharpness

Joe Rogan says he does not like handling any of his professional appearances without first taking Alpha Brain. Whether he is about to do UFC, speak on a podcast, or do a stand-up routine, Rogan first takes Alpha Brain. He has even taken the supplement on stage and in front of others to let them know how serious he is about the product. It keeps him fully charged and ready to tackle any task.

Alpha Brain works well to improve mental sharpness. Rogan feels AB better helps him to recall words, important for a comic to say the least.. Rather than stumbling over word choices and trying to remember a certain word during a speech, like many of us have experienced, AB stops that from happening. Rogan can speak more fluently without stumbling and trying to remember. It has improved his mental sharpness greatly.

The product doesn’t just help you remember what you were trying to say, but gives you an extra boost in creativity as well. Rogan states that he finds it easier to come up with ideas and form sentences smoothly without having to spend so much time thinking about what to say. Things just click. The verbal memory test is one that Onnit used when testing Alpha Brain. Rogan says that aspect has been meant efficiently.

Beneficial IngredientsMy Review of Alpha Brain - Does it work?

Rogan wants critics to know that there is real science behind Onnit and the products they make. Onnit is known for only using real, beneficial ingredients in their substances. There are no filler ingredients or pseudoscience involved.

Oat straw is one of the ingredients found in AB. It comes from Avena sativa. Stress and exhaustion often make it harder for us to accomplish daily tasks. Oat straw reduces the amount of stress and exhaustion felt, and helps relax the nervous system. With this stress alleviated, we are better able to perform and function, both mentally and physically.

Huperzia serrata stems from China, and is known as a type of moss. Hup A is extracted from this herb, and used in Alpha Brain as a method of improving memory function.

Dream Maker

An added benefit of Alpha Brain is its ability to induce dreams. Rogan and others who have taken the product regularly say their dreams have been impacted. They are much more likely to remember the dreams they have had and report a higher number of unique dreams, which are known to help process information in your mind while you sleep.

This is due to the Hup A extract found in the product allows the brain to tap into more acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter is known to be an important factor in achieving REM sleep. With this deep sleep achieved, more dreams are felt and remembered.

With Rogan on board of this product and regularly discussing its benefits, many more people are becoming aware of how well Alpha Brain works. It is made with natural ingredients and truly helps boost the brain. Our Alpha Brain Review further discusses this important product and how it can help you improve your mental sharpness.

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