Are Nootropics Good For Depression?

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Did you know that about 40 million American adults suffer from depression and other anxiety disorders? That’s a staggering number, especially since they are treatable conditions. The scenario is not so different in many other countries. Depression has left many people feeling hopeless, sad and unmotivated to live normally. According to experts, it is caused by abnormal chemical levels in the brain brought about by genetic vulnerability, some substances, life stressors, and medical conditions among other factors.

Regardless of what caused it, depression needs urgent and effective treatment. If you are suffering from the condition (or know someone who is), it is better to seek a remedy as soon as possible. If you do some research, you will run into tons of literature suggesting that one course of treatment for depression is by using nootropics. By definition, nootropics are substances that improve brain functions like concentration, motivation, intelligence, and memory without bringing any harm to the user.

Are they effective in the treatment of depression? Absolutely yes. But not all of them are good for treating depression. Here are four of the best nootropics for depression.

Nootropics for Depression

  1. Natural nootropics


Anything that is natural and herbal is always safe and comes with plenty of benefits. So, what do natural nootropics do? For starters, they block adenosine receptors from making you feel sleepy during the middle of the day, which allows you to stay  alert and active. On top of that, they also prevent the same adenosine receptors from causing a stress response. As a result, you won’t be susceptible to bad moods, memory problems, and depression.

Medically speaking, natural nootropics are less effective compared to synthetic ones. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t work, it only means that you might be forced to consume them in large quantities in order to feel all the benefits. Some natural nootropics include Vinpocetine, Bacopi Monneri, and coffee. That’s right, a good cup of coffee can keep you away from a psychiatrist.

  1. Ampakines

The application of ampakines in cognitive enhancement is fairly new, but experts are in agreement that these nootropics are powerful N-methyl-D-aspartate (NDMA) and AMPA agonists and thus increase the level of glutamate in blood. In a more layman language, this category of nootropics boost major brain functions like memory, concentration, and general mental power.

They work in the same way that stimulants (like coffee) do but the good thing is that ampakines don’t come with the restlessness and anxiety that other stimulants bring. That is why they are great treatment options for depression because the said side effects (restlessness and anxiety among others) usually do little to nothing when it comes to keeping depression away in the long run.

  1. Vitamin B Derivatives

Our body usually absorbs vitamins naturally through food, but thanks to science we can now get them in supplement form like in nootropics. Nootropics that have vitamin B extracts are a popular choice among schizophrenics and Alzheimer’s patients because they increase alertness and energy while decreasing fatigue. Those benefits also make these nootropics good for people who are suffering from depression. As you probably know, mental and physical rejuvenation play major roles when it comes to dealing with the condition.

Therefore, if you want a nootropic that can help you do away with depression you might want to pick one that has vitamin B. Thiamine is one of the most hyped vitamin B and there’s a very good reason for that. Without it in your diet, you will definitely be vulnerable to neurological disorders, including depression. You might also want to make it a regular ingredient of your meals.

  1. Racetams


Racetam nootropics are arguably the most popular today. They are as good for cognitive enhancement as they are for fighting depression. When you take a racetam nootropic, all your cognitive functions speed up simultaneously and improve your memory, learning, concentration and general thinking. That mental boost, alongside their ability to provide stimulation and a light-hearted mood make them perfect for you if you are struggling with depression.

Final Thoughts

The battle against depression doesn’t have to be a tough one. You can ease your way into recovery one step at a time using nootropics. The list above provides categories of the drug but not particular brands, but it will certainly come in handy when you are choosing a nootropic. Basically, all those categories will offer a couple of benefits, so feel free to choose any.

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