Natural Nootropics: 3 Ways of Increasing your Focus

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According to the Romanian chemist Corneliu.E.Giurgea, ‘Man is not going to wait passively for millions of years before evolution offers him a better brain’. It was this vision of his which lead to his developing the word nootropics in the year 1972 by combining two Latin words ‘nous’, meaning mind and ‘trepin’, meaning to bend. These two words aptly describe nootropics as the bend the mind to increase its important functions like focus and the ability to recollect.

Natural nootropics, or smart drugs, have been around for many years and were first popular with students and business executives as they contain no side effects and safely increase mental focus levels in a short span of time. Now, everyone is getting in on the secret and finding out the numerous benefits you can get by using these brain enhancers.

Nootropics contain natural additives of neurochemicals existing in the brain like enzymes, hormones or neurotransmitters. These extra little boost collectively improves your cognitive functions and increase the brain’s blood supply and overall nerve growth by these 3 ways.

  1. Helps increase focus levels

Focus and memory are two words which are closely linked but are somewhat distinct. In the case of focus, various neurotransmitters, like dopamine, increases alertness and direct your attention by telling you what is important. This helps you focus better, which in turn increases your concentration abilities and the amount of information you absorb.

Natural substances or nootropics which increase dopamine levels are called dopaminergics and examples are tyrosine, theanine, caffeine and supplements like modafinil and adderall. Another group of nootropics called racetams boosts focus levels by promoting the use of acetylcholine.

If you’ve ever faced a deadline for work, school, or just needed to sit down and concetrate on something, you’ll understand why focus enhacing nootrpoics are so popular.

  1. Keeps you awakeunnamed

Eugeroics are substances which keep you awake, and caffeine is the most famous of the lot. It keeps you awake by reducing the accumulation of adenosine in the brain, which makes you feel tired and groggy with time.

The nootropic modafinil’s prime objective too is to keep you awake by reducing GABA levels, the sleep-promoting neurotransmitter. Remember, you need to be awake to concentrate and focus on whatever you are doing, which is how these types of nootropics increase your focus levels.

  1. Boosts energy and brain functioning levels

The safest and most reliable way nootropics help improve your focus is by boosting energy levels and consequently improving brain function. Creatine is one such supplement which helps cells make more ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is popular among athletes.

Creatines are nootropics which help boost cognitive performance in various tasks while alpha lipoic acid or ALA nootropics increases energy levels through Krebs cycle. Medium chained triglycerides (MCT) are nootropics which promote the production of ketones, the alternative energy source the brain uses to perform some tasks as it gives a faster energy boost than carbohydrates.

Vasodilators are nootropics which help increase brain functioning levels by increasing the blood vessel diameter. This, in turn, helps increase the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the brain for improved mental performance. All these nootropics are called ‘cognitive metabolic enhancers’ which are presently the safest and most effective means of enhancing your brain function.


So in a nutshell, nootropics help increase your focus levels mainly by effectively and safely increasing the number of neurotransmitters in the brain. This, in turn, helps keep you awake, increases your mental focus levels, and boosts energy and brain functioning levels.

Along with your nootropics, it is also important that you get sufficient sleep, have optimal body health, maintain a balanced diet and exercise your brain doing puzzles and tests for maximum results.

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