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Man Flow Yoga: What does it do?

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In today’s modern world, one of the greatest desires of both women and men is to be healthy and physically fit. Looking physically fit comes with a price, there are no shortcuts. Ever imagined trying to fit weekly gym routines or any other fitness program classes into your busy schedule? Sometimes you think of the costs and the sacrifices to be made, and then realize the whole thing is too demanding. However, when you remember the doctor’s advice on how such strenuous aerobic exercises help reduce heart attack risk, improve mood, sex life, quality of sleep, lower cancer risk and so much more, you feel you can’t just live without exercising.

Well, ever heard people talk about doing “Man Flow Yoga?” I am pretty sure you may be wondering what the hell that means. Yoga has its origin in ancient India, and it refers to a group of mental, physical and spiritual practices that harmonize the body to improve its functionality and overall well-being. Dean Pohlman, a certified 200 HR Yoga Teacher (RYT), is the genius behind this brilliant program – Man Flow Yoga.

Despite putting up with the initial struggles, Dean never gave up and continued attending the yoga classes. It wasn’t long before he started feeling and observing the changes in his body. Basically, he realized that certain movements cause given reactions in our body leading to better results. It was out of this experience that he decided to reach out to thousands and help individuals attain their fitness goals. Man Flow Yoga and other yoga programs have taken over health and fitness headlines.

What exactly is Man Flow Yoga?  

Yoga isn’t just for women anymore. Though, we’ve never actually thought it was gender specific since there are so so many benefits associated with it. Man Flow Yoga is a program that is specifically designed to help men improve their physical fitness, flexibility, exercise endurance, body awareness, core strength, mobility, body balance and improves overall health.

It is a useful aid that involves in-depth descriptions of exercise techniques, quality visual aids, 75 exercises, poses, exercise tips, target areas, key safety concepts and mental concepts that help in creating the connection between the body and the mind. Man flow yoga helps men learn poses that work for them. The program contains physical and mental key concepts that help in practicing safe and effective yoga. Research has shown that yoga improves health, reduces the risk of injury and helps individuals get better.

What Does Man Flow Yoga Do? Benefits

The benefits ripped from this program are unrivaled. Feel better, look fitter and achieve flexible movement by putting into practice the low-impact Man Flow Yoga physical and mental concepts. Yoga is more of a lifestyle where you can do the basics at any time anywhere. You no longer have to worry about monotonous work out routines. Do the yoga poses, movements, and exercises when your body and mind are prepared.

Below are the benefits of Man Flow Yoga:

  • Endurance –You can actually work up quite a bit of a sweat doing yoga, because it burns real calories and stretches your limits and limbs. Soon you’ll notice holding your yoga positions getting easier and easier as well as your other work outs. This is because you’ll build up your endurance and train your breathing to maximize your output energy.
  • Flexibility – This is one of the core benefits of Man Flow Yoga. Gradually loosen and achieve poses that initially seemed impossible. Flexibility results to more strength but fewer injury risks. Get rid of all poor postures by slowly kicking rigidity out of your muscles and connective tissues.
  • Body balance – When you are young, you may fail to understand how important body balance is. Poor posture or frequent falls are associated with your body not moving in sync with itself, which is greatly reduced by yoga. Man Flow Yoga also helps improve the coordination between your brain and the body so that you can feel yourself and know your space.
  • Core strength – Regular practice stabilizes the inner power and helps improve your workouts and posture, especially testing your core: abs, lower back, and more.
  • Health and stronger muscles – While working out, you’re also relaxing the part of your body that need rest. This leads to greater health, less injuries, and more benefit for the target muscles you’re aiming to develop.
  • Reduce aches and pains – Regular workouts lead to a flexible body that is less prone to injury. Man flow yoga safety tips help avoid risky moves and patterns that strain your ligaments. Lower back pain, shoulder pain, muscle cramps among other painful conditions can be eliminated by yoga.

Some of the additional benefits include:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Improves mood
  • Lower sugar level in the body
  • Reduces risk of ankle sprains
  • Improve unstable knees
  • Reduces muscle cramps
  • Significantly contributes to a healthy lifestyle 

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