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What to Look for When Buying Green Coffee Bean Extract?

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Coffee has long been said to be a powerful substance with many benefits. Most of the time, these benefits refer to the roasted beans used for making a coffee drink. The beans become brown in color after going through roasting processes. A green coffee bean is a non-roasted option that has even more benefits. You can receive them through an extract that is turned into a supplement. When searching for the right substance with green coffee bean extract included, there are some factors you need to look for. Not all extracts are made equally.

What Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Do?

Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, while roasted beans do not. This is because they have not yet been roasted or otherwise changed by certain processes that remove the beneficial ingredient. Chlorogenic acid affects the body and how it can handle blood sugar. It also has an impact on metabolism. When these beans are turned into an extract, it pulls the most beneficial ingredients from them in order to boost the metabolism and reduce blood pressure.

Slows Fat Absorption Rate

Our bodies need food to absorb the nutrients found within them. The fats from said foods often get absorbed quickly and stored in the body. This adds a layer of fat to us, which increases our weight. Chlorogenic acid works to slow this fat absorption rate. We will still get the nutrients we need, but it will be at a healthier pace. It will also activate the stored fat already in our systems to help us reduce our weight.

What to Look For

There are several important things you should look for when buying green coffee bean extract. Without these factors considered, you would undoubtedly end up choosing an extract that is not capable of producing high results.

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Main Ingredient

Many products say they contain coffee bean extract, but the ingredient is minimal within it. This will not produce the same results as a product that has green coffee extract as the main ingredient. The extract should be the main, if not the only, ingredient within the product in order to achieve optimal results. There should also be no added fillers. Look for labels that list ingredients, and avoid those that do not bother to provide an ingredient list.

U.S. Made

Products made in the U.S. often have stricter requirements to meet. This often makes them safer for consumption. If the green coffee bean extract you find does not disclose where it is from, or is listed from another country, it is not going to have the same effects as a U.S. made option.

High Levels of Chlorogenic Acid

The chlorogenic acid within green coffee beans is the most beneficial quality. High levels of this are needed in order for the product to prove the most effective. Experts recommend having at least 40 or 50 percent of the acid available to receive the full effects. Products with a lower percent of chlorogenic acid will not produce the same results.

Search for Svetol

Svetol is another type of extract found from coffee. If a green coffee bean product lists Svetol as an ingredient, you can rest assured that the product will produce similar results. This type in particular comes from Robusta coffee beans. It too contains strong levels of chlorogenic acid.

More than 200 MGs

If you are not taking more than 200 MGs each day of green coffee bean extract, you are not going to see results. Smaller amounts are not significant enough to produce changes in the body. At least 200 MGs should be taken to experience changes. Most pure supplements have at least 400 MGs in one pill.

Green coffee bean extract is a beneficial product with a lot to offer. As long as you look for the mentioned factors when making your purchase, you will have a supplement that will do wonders for your body, both to improve its overall blood sugar and pressure levels, and help it lose weight.

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