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Intermittent Fasting: Does It Work?

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Picture this, getting to eat everything you want and still losing weight while at the same time piling up a whole lot of health benefits for yourself! Sounds too good to be true right? Well, with intermittent fasting you totally can.

This is not the ordinary type of fasting where you avoid eating and drinking completely; which just leaves you miserably hungry and dehydrated.

It is all about getting the foods you need, and want, by splitting your day or week into periods of fasting and periods of eating. So when it’s time for eating, you can knock yourself out with anything you want!

#1: Does it work?

The most important question – does it work for weight loss? Yes, it does.
See, on your fast days, your calorie level will hit drastic lows. Your body will do some serious fat-burning to generate energy, and that is what will make you lose weight. You would think that due to hunger you will have the need to overeat during your eat-days. Fortunately, the body doesn’t work that way. There is actually a ceiling to how much you can eat; which is a mere 18-22% extra than you need, IF you even do feel this urge. Once you get used to the fasting periods, your body, and brain, won’t freak out and over eat to compensate.

#2: There is proof

Ever heard of caloric restriction?

It is a structured type of fasting that is effective in cutting weight (scientifically proven). Intermittent fasting is based on the ideas, and success, of caloric restriction, but in a more sensible way. Instead of punishing yourself everyday with thoughts of what you can and can’t have, you’ll be able to turn off that calorie counter and enjoy the delicious foods around you on the non-fasting days while getting the same benefit.

#3: Two ways of implementing it

What about that friend who is on an intermittent fasting program but has not lost any significant weight? Scared you might go down the same road? Don’t be! Chances are they are doing it wrong.

There are two effective ways of tackling this weight loss approach. One Martin Berkhan, a nutritional consultant, suggests that you fast every day for 14 to 18 hours, while Brad Pilon, author of Eat- Stop- Eat, suggests that if you want the weekly thing then eat normally every day but spare one day of the week for a 24-hour fast.

See, that seems doable right? They actually don’t tamper with your eating program that much. If you choose the daily routine, then all you have to do is skip breakfast. If you prefer the weekly one, then choose a day when you are less busy and set it aside for fasting.

#4: Combine with other regimens

Back to your friend who might not have seen any results yet- another likely cause is a poor lifestyle. Intermittent fasting is not magic; it will help you lose weight, but you still need to put in a little bit of effort. That includes regimens such as a healthy diet and routine workouts. You don’t even need to go to the gym or do one of those strenuous exercises. A few crunches can burn up to 60 calories.

#5: Watch out for drawbacks

Let me start by saying intermittent fasting has numerous added benefits. It has great effects on your health and longevity. However, like all plans or programs, there are sacrifices that need to be made.
If you’re a foodie, or just someone who loves to eat, it might be difficult to skip meals, or days without food. If you know you absolutely can’t do this, or for medical reasons, this is not a possibility, this may not be the program for you.
Also, for some people, you might end up filling up your stomach more than you should every time you eat which could end up taking a toll on your digestive system.

The Bottom Line

Intermittent fasting is not a magical pill or program that will make your weight disappear suddenly. But if you are patient and consistent enough, it will work. So why don’t you give it a go and see how it works for you? After all, you don’t stand to lose anything but a few pounds.

If you’re interested in learning more about intermittent fasting, check out the book “Eat Stop Eat” by clicking here.

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