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How to Lose Stubborn Body Fat  

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Losing weight isn’t easy, but there is nothing worse than getting close to your goal only to have a few pounds that just won’t go away. Losing stubborn body fat takes weight loss to a whole new seemingly impossible level. But there are a few extra steps you can take to drop those last few stubborn pounds.

Why Is Some Fat So Stubborn?

Just about all of us have a body region where fat seems to accumulate. No matter what we do, those areas hold onto fat with a firm grip. But why is it that some areas, particularly the thighs, hips, and belly areas, can’t seem to let go of the extra weight?

For someone of us, our genetics are to blame. Other times, our age is slowing our metabolism and making it increasingly difficult to drop extra pounds. Another cause for stubborn body fat is a hormone imbalance or vitamin deficiency. Or you may even just be doing the wrong workout.

While there are a number of reasons why your last few pounds won’t go away, you still have options to stimulate the burning of these fat cells. You just need to know what is wrong so you can help make it right.

What Can I Do to Lose My Stubborn Body Fat?

The first thing you may think of when trying to drop those last few pounds is to exercise more and eat less. Unfortunately, this kind of approach can become dangerous quickly – especially if you take both sides to an extreme level. Although balancing calories is the root of weight loss, stubborn body fat can act a bit differently than your regular body fat.

So, what should you do if you can’t seem to melt the pounds from your more stubborn areas? Here are a few options:

Don’t Diet

Many people assume that dieting is the base of all weight loss, but while you want to reduce the calories you eat, dieting isn’t beneficial for reducing stubborn body fat. When you diet, you’re restricting your body of the energy it needs, which can give you more cravings, make it more difficult to work out, and ruin your metabolism.

Dieting can also cause you to gain weight in the areas that you’re actually trying to lose weight. When you reduce your calories too much, your body may go into panic mode, assuming that you aren’t getting the nutrients that you need. Rather than dropping pounds, it will hold on to whatever calories it can get – and store them right in your troubled zones.

Instead of dieting, create a rounded meal plan full of nutritious and delicious meals. Rather than cutting certain foods out of your life completely, try to find healthier ways to consume them or eat the in moderation.

Try Something New 

If you still have weight that you can’t lose, try switching up your workout routine. When you stop seeing results from what you’re used to doing, it could mean that your body has grown accustomed to the movements. You will want to surprise it with something new if you want to see more results.

If you’re strictly a cardio kind of person, take on the weights. If you’ve primarily focused on weight training in the past, go for a run. Switching things up is good for you and can help you lose the extra pounds.

Get with the Program

Sometimes, you just can’t lose the stubborn weight without the help of a professional. If despite trying to cut down your dieting and trying a new workout you are still unable to drop the unwelcome weight from your body, give a professional program a try, like The Beta Switch.

The Beta Switch is a program specifically designed to help women release the fat desperately clinging to their bodies. If you’re serious about getting the body of your dreams, go the extra step and consider giving The Beta Switch a chance. You could be surprised about the astounding results!

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