How to Correctly Workout Your Hamstring if You’re Under 30

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We’re almost always looking for new workout routines to keep things exciting and to keep us motivated for hitting the gym. But while some workouts can get pretty creative, they may not be good on the body. A move or activity that you think is building muscle could actually be putting you at risk for an injury.

If you’re searching for new hamstring workouts, here are exercises you can do right at home:

Wall Sit

The “Wall Sit” is a favorite among sports teams and athletes for a reason – it really works. All you need to complete this workout is a sturdy wall and enough space for you to move.

To perform a wall sit, press your back firmly against a wall and lower yourself like you’re going to sit in a chair. Stop when your knees reach a 90-degree angle and allow your arms to dangle at your sides. Hold this position for a pre-determined amount of time or as long as you can.

A wall sit seems like an easy workout, but don’t let its simple instructions fool you. With nothing holding you up except the wall behind you and the muscles in your legs, you can’t cheat around this workout.

Add more and more time to your wall sit each day. You can start off slow, pushing for a minute or two to begin with. Wall sits can easily be done in the middle of your day. If you’re waiting for your pot of coffee to brew, an item to print at work, or something to cook in the microwave, see if you can do a wall sit until the job is finished. These small challenges can allow you to see results quickly. You can also see this guide of no impact excercises for women.

Alternating Lunges

Lunges are another classic workout that can be found in just about any workout routine. They’re easy to do, don’t require any equipment, and will get you great results.

To do a lunge, start by standing with your feet together. Then, take one step forward until one of your feet is about 2 or 3 feet in front of the other. Bend both of your knees until your back knee is just about touching the floor and your front leg is at a right angle. Hold the position for a couple of seconds then slowly stand back up and move your forward leg back to your original standing position. Then repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Alternating lunges are not only beneficial for working out your hamstrings, you may also see benefits from lunges in your abs and other leg muscles. Lunges, like wall sits, are another great workout you can easy do every day.

If you want to get more work out from your lunges, pick up a set of dumbbells. The added weight will make your lunges deeper and help you tone your arms up at the same time.

Box Jump

A box jump is a great way to get your legs engaged and work out your hamstrings. Although a box jump will require some additional equipment, it is still a simple workout you can do right at home.

Begin by facing your platform, standing about an arm’s length away. If you don’t have a step or box specifically designed for working out, you can use other items like a bench, a sturdy chair, or even your bottom stair. When you’re ready, jump forward onto the stair, landing with both feet. Keep your muscles engaged and your body tight. Immediately jump back without taking a break or relaxing your muscles. Continue this motion, just be sure you’re doing them correctly.

A box jump is great you can increase the level of difficulty as you get used to the workout. If you start out with a low block, try to increase the height. The higher you need to jump, the more workout you will get. Increasing your speed can also make the workout more difficult, allowing you to see greater benefits.

There are dozens of hamstring workouts out there, you just need to find the ones you enjoy best and that give you the best results. Try incorporating these three workouts into your daily routine and see what results you can get. As easy as the wall sit, alternating lunge, and box jump are, you can easily squeeze them into your day-to-day activities.

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