Fitbit In-Depth Review : What You Need To Know

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One of the toughest things I’ve done in my entire life, up until now, was attempting to be in shape. I’ve tried to change almost my whole lifestyle to be healthier.

I don’t know much about you, however for me, finding the motivation to be on a regular exercise regimen and eat healthier was something I always wanted.

I would attempt to exercise and diet for as much as a week or even two. But after that, I would fall back in the same old routine and wouldn’t push through.

While searching for different ways to boost my health as well as get myself far more active, I started searching a pedometer – a specific device to boost my attention around just how much I’ve walked (or did not for that matter).

Fitbit logo

Although there are lots of choices – many ranging broadly in cost from as little as $10 to some which are more than $100 – one that continued to catch my attention in reviews, as well as ads, was the Fitbit Ultra Sleep/Activity Tracker.

Therefore, like other people who are fascinated and seeking to try something new, I decided to buy one.

Can a little gadget which you attach on your belt truly enforce a better lifestyle, and even make things change for the greater, long-term?

Let’s hit the breaks and check out how this little thing made such an immense impact in the success of my fitness this month.

Fitbit- What Is It?

If you have ever attempted to shed some weight or to get in shape, you’ll know that you will need all the support you can find. I have been having great results because of the small fitness gadget we are reviewing.

In the beginning, it may seem that it’s just a pedometer. I must say, this Fitbit is definitely the best remedy I have ever tried, and it is currently my most useful device.

FitBit Charge and FitBit Flex box - wireless activity and sleep wristband trackers

By having this around or even clipping this to your clothes, you can now easily monitor exactly how active you are, the number of stairs you have climbed and just how nicely you sleep.


How To Set It Up?

Immediately after un-boxing the device, you need to sync your device to a PC in an effort to start off. A USB linked dock in which the Fitbit slides is provided.

After that, you need to download the software (that is a fairly small file) which is necessary for set up.

FitBit charge dock USB

1. As soon as you install the software and plug the Fitbit into the computer, you’re required to create an account. It requests for personal data like weight and height (don’t lie about this, because that can help you monitor the progress).

Next, the device will show a special code which you’ll then have to enter into your computer. After that, it will synchronize your Fitbit device to your newly created account.

2. After making the account and completing the setup, the Fitbit device is all set to go. Now it’s time to tie it to the hip or toss it in the pocket and move on, right? Make sure to charge it up before you start.

Have no fear however, it could take some time but just one charge will effortlessly ensure you get through almost 2 weeks (yes, 2!) of continuous use.

3. When it comes to where to set this Fitbit, it’s suggested to have this in the pocket, or on the hip. Women can also clip this right on their bra if they wish to.

The device itself is quite small and very light. Which is great, because you’ll barely remember that it’s there.

An additional belt-clip is also provided in the package.

4. In case you ever wear a thick belt and worry that it’ll break while trying to get this device over it, then you can just slide this into the clip, and after that clip the entire piece to yourself.

As soon as it is all set up and you have identified the easiest way to carry this, it is now time to get up and test this out.

How To Track Your Motions?

When I first looked at the Fitbit device, I was asking myself why I paid so much just for a beefed-up pedometer that has a few additional features. Though so many people had such good things to say about it, I knew that it had to be a great purchase.

Footsteps in the sand

The first couple of days will be utilized to set the baseline. It will offer you a concept of the number of steps you’re taking, just how active you are throughout the day, and the number of calories that are being are shed.

As soon as you have a “baseline”, setting your challenge starts – such as breaking the last day’s records in some way.

This Fitbit device has a button and pressing this will take you through some options which are available, for example levels climbed, calories burned, distance traveled, your step count, displaying the time, and some others which can be included as well.

When strapped to you, this unit will count the steps automatically and will judge by your height; this can help you figure out the distance in which you’ve traveled that specific day. If you (like I was) are suspicious about the accuracy of the calculations, the people at the Fitbit company have stated that the “counter” is approximately 96-99% accurate.

On the other hand, the counter starts to keep track of your activity during the day as well as it will show the current totals. This is additionally possible to begin an activity throughout the day that will not just count your day-to-day goals, but also will let you track that particular time frame individually.

FitBit dashboard preview

To start a task all you need to do is just press & hold the key on the device for a couple of seconds and after that, it will start blinking and then a timer is going to start.

Whenever you check the stats in this time-frame, this will just show you stats as it began just in this amount of time. If you wish to see just how many steps you’ve taken while shopping, jogging, or anything else similar in nature, you’re able to perform so effortlessly.

With every passing day, you’ll likely end up continually looking at your stats, attempting to defeat the last day and then walk even further, burn far more calories and climb higher. Beyond tracking the physical activity, this Fitbit will additionally track the patterns of your sleep, as rest is evenly as essential as physical exercise itself.

How To Track Your Sleep?

It is a part of this Fitbit which I discovered to be the toughest to understand, how can a pedometer monitor your sleep pattern? How will it know just how long I needed to go to sleep? How does it know that I got up at 2.AM and also again at 5:48AM?

Well, monitoring your sleep pattern is very easy, just like operating some other aspects of this Fitbit unit.

Provided in the package is a flexible wristband which is made from an incredibly comfortable fabric. There’s a little slit that half of “Fitbit” slides into and stays put when you sleep.

Whenever you get into the bed you just press & hold a button, beginning the timer.

After this, you do nothing at all. Simply relax, do everything you do right before you lay down, and after that sleep the night away.

Woman sleeping in her bed

When you get up you press & hold the button once again to stop the activity, and that’s it; much like that, you’ve tracked your good night’s sleep.

As soon as you’ve synced your device to the computer, you’ll be able to see all your sleeping results, including a breakdown of exactly how often you woke up, just how many hours you slept, as well as how helpful the sleep was (depending on the wake-up count).

Additionally, there is a chart which shows how often and at what moment you were most active throughout your sleep, may it be getting up, turning and tossing, or stepping out of the bed to have a drink.

Odds & Ends:

Beyond just tracking the data and also keeping it saved in a simple to access spot for you, this Fitbit offers a number of neat features too.

If viewing the step count isn’t sufficient to keep your motivation up, then how about a few badges to open?

In a similarity to Foursquare, the Fitbit has integrated some badges which can be easily unlocked for accomplishing different goals; a number of them are just for things such as walking the first 60 miles, or even climbing 10 floors in a day, and lots of others too. Trying to open new badges helps to keep you pushing somewhat further and in the end, that’s the goal – to keep pushing yourself hard to do much better.

While this Fitbit is actually a standalone device, there are lots of API’s designed for the developers; therefore, they can easily tie their particular apps into use using the Fitbit.

In case you are monitoring your foods with an app such as MyFitnessPal, or monitoring your run alongs with Endomondo, then you can also tie the Fitbit account into all those accounts with only a few easy clicks.

Not to mention, Fitness is definitely better when you’re capable of sharing your stats with friends and even challenging them to do better. You can perform all of this effortlessly right from the Fitbit website.

People jogging heat sun

Syncing your details to the account is very simple and fortunately not something that you have to do on a daily basis. The gadget itself can hold the data for a number of days. If you do not have access to a computer in order to sync your information that day, do not worry, it won’t be lost.

Assuming that your PC is powered on and also connected to the internet with the doc connected to it, this Fitbit will transfer your information from the gadget to the account at any time you’re within 10-15 feet of base station and fairly motionless.

However, if you desire to take a seat as well as sync it, all you have to do is simply place the Fitbit on the dock and then push the button. Take a look at the site right after you press the “button” and your data will appear almost instantly.

Where Can You Get Fitbit?

You can get your Fitbit device with the links on this article.

Grab your little buddy today and start losing weight !

If you decide to buy one, you can download the fitbit software here right now and get ready to start using your own device !

Why Should You Try Fitbit?

No matter if you wish to track your daily activities, or even if you are searching for a means to boost your physical activities, this Fitbit is an excellent choice that lets you effortlessly do that. Just like some other factors of getting back into shape, it will take dedication. You’ll have to make sure to bring this with you on a daily basis and you’ll have to strap this on your wrist before going to bed.

Tracking your data is only the beginning, it’s your choice on how you respond to this information. With this Fitbit you can choose to challenge yourself and take your motivation to another level!

Personally, I became adoringly obsessed with this Fitbit and discovered this to be an excellent tool to start my health and fitness lifestyle. This might not be for everybody, if you don’t feel like remembering to wear this daily, it may not be the device for you.

Thank you so much for reading this post. I really hope you enjoyed it.

Make sure to share this post on social media with your friends. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments box down below. Enjoy your health!


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