Complete Axis-Plate Elite 3300 Vibration Training Machine Review


Axis-Plate Elite 3300 Vibration Training Machine

Effectiveness 90%
Construction 90%
Brand 95%


  • No additional gear required
  • Both preset and customizable workouts with 50 different speeds
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Scientifically proven benefits for weight loss and fitness


  • Heavy (over 80 pounds)

You’ve probably heard of whole body vibration (WBV) machines and their numerous health and fitness benefits. Maybe you even know a few models that are available in the market today. Out of all of them, very few can be compared with the Axis-Plate Elite 3300 Vibration Training Machine. This vibration platform is simply magical as far as exercising and massage is concerned.

Just like any other WBV machine, it works on the premise of vibration where the machine’s plate vibrates and stimulates reflexes in your muscles. Your muscles will contract and relax, which is pretty much what exercise and massage are all about. But is this machine worth the investment?

Vibration Type

The Elite 3300 uses pivotal motion to deliver vibrations. The plate moves up and down on both sides while remaining pivoted at its center. This type of vibration is ideal for weight loss, which is why most of the people who buy the Elite 3300 have the goal of shedding off some extra pounds in mind. When the machine vibrates, it initiates muscle reflexes in your body, forcing the muscles to contract and relax in the same way they do when you do traditional workouts like running. As a result, the body burns calories to generate energy, which in turn causes you to weight loss.

But weight loss is not the only benefit you stand to gain from Elite 3300’s pivotal vibrations. The movements also strengthen bones, improve fast twitch muscles, reduce stress, and aid lymphatic drainage, among many other benefits.

Construction and Design

When you look at the Elite 3300, the very first thing you will notice is its sturdiness. It features heavy-duty construction that is complemented with a 1,000-watt motor. Those two factors are the reasons why the unit can support up to 400 pounds of weight.
The whole unit weighs just below 80 lbs, which is fairly heavy, but can be easily moved by two people. Its vibrating plate measures 27″ x 20″. That is more than enough room for a spacious workout, no matter how big you are. To ensure that you are comfortably positioned on the plate, even if you don’t have the best balance in the world, the package contains black isometric balance straps that you can use as support tools as well as workout straps for your arms and upper body. If you’re not interested in exercising your arms, you can simply enjoy the vibrations by holding onto the handles on the machine. A work out and massage all at once.
The Elite 3300 has two LCD panels that allow you to control the whole system. With them, you can either choose a pre-programmed workout or pick your own settings.

Features and Usability

The amazing features of this whole body vibration machine are sustained by its powerful technology. For one, its 1,000-watt motor powers 50-speed settings together with pre-programmed workouts. That means you can either use the manufacturer’s workouts or customize your own. If you choose the former, you get three options: intermediate, cardio, and body sculpting. If you have enough experience with vibration machines you can choose to make up your own. The two LCD displays and the detailed user manual should help you get the settings right.
The solid construction of the machine is the reason why it can support a 400-pound weight limit. It is safe to say that the unit can serve most people who are trying to lose weight. As the machine does its part, you can also compliment it by working your arms and upper body using the isometric straps that come in the package for a little additional push.


The Elite 3300 is undoubtedly your best bet for losing weight and maintaining a healthy and fit body. Apart from offering safe, programed workouts, it is also classified as a zero impact exercise equipment. That means the effort you have to put in order to reap its benefits is minimal; the machine does most of the work for you. This is especially good for people who are not used to lots of physical activity, or recovering from injuries but still want to be active. If you’re overweight, putting extra pressure on your joints all at once can be harmful, but with a vibration machine, you won’t have to worry about this.

If you’re choosing the preset workouts, the first is a great introduction to getting your body warmed up to lose weight.

The second one is ideal for intermediate exercises that are relatively intense but will surely help you get rid of the excess weight.

The final one is for complete body sculpting and maintaining your new, lean shape. As you can see, the machine does get the job done even without you having to use customized settings.

What’s even more exciting is the fact that you can get the same benefits of a 30-minute workout (the traditional type) by simply standing on the machine for 10 minutes. And it comes with extra perks as well, including stress relieving massages, lymphatic drainage, and bone strengthening among others.


  • Comes as a complete package, so you won’t have to purchase any additional pieces.
  • Simple to assemble and use. There is a complete user guide.
  • Offers both preset and customizable workouts. The 50 different speeds should be more than enough to accommodate whatever you’re looking for.
  • Has a very solid and sturdy construction that supports a 400-pound weight limit.
  • Offers proven benefits, especially for weight loss and fitness.


  • With a weight of over 80 pounds, the machine might be a bit hard to move around.


When all is said, this machine is a great equipment to add to your home gym. Its high weight limit, powerful vibrations, and sturdy construction are just a few of the key selling points. While it might not be flashiest looking WBV machine out there, it sure is built to get the weight loss job done; and that is what you need from this type of equipment.



Manufacturer: Axis-Plate

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