What Is The Closest Thing To NZT 48 (Limitless) Pill?

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Remember Limitless, the 2011 film that stars Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra? If you haven’t watched it, you definitely should, but if you have you should know one or two things about the NZT 48 pill.

Quick recap – Morra is a less-than-average guy trying to be a writer, and he is absolutely terrible at it. Okay, let’s call a spade a spade – he is a total loser. But then he’s introduced to this magic pill known as NZT 48. Every time he pops it he turns into this superhuman person that can analyze stocks, learn different languages, and do things that a normal person can’t. Whenever he gets off the drug he practically crashes. The crashing part is not really the highlight of the movie, but the superhuman abilities that come with the NZT 48 are simply amazing, to say the least.

Now, imagine if you got your hands on that drug…

Does The NZT 48 Pill Exist?

Well, we all know the movie is fictional, but what about the magic pill? Does the NZT 48 really exist? Not to burst your bubble but unfortunately, it doesn’t exist in real life. The good news is that there’s a group of drugs you can easily get your hands on and enjoy ALMOST similar cognitive benefits as what the NZT 48 offers. They are known as nootropics. In fact, rumor has it that Limitless was based on a particular nootropic brand known as modafinil.

About Nootropics

Despite their ever-increasing popularity, many people still don’t know what nootropics are. So, here’s a simplified definition: a nootropic is a drug or substance that’s used to enhance the cognitive abilities of a person while at the same time providing extra benefits like improved mental and physical health. It must be non-toxic and should have, very few, to no side effects.

Nowadays nootropics are packaged as supplements and are great for you if you want to improve your cognitive functions as well as physical capabilities. For example, you can use one to increase your focus and concentration at work and at the same time to improve your performance at the gym. Quite a magic pill, isn’t it?

Why a Nootropic Is the Closest Thing to NZT 48 

So we are in agreement that nootropics are not exactly the same as the NZT 48 pill, but they are its closest relatives. What you probably don’t know is why that assertion is absolutely true, and that’s what we are going to cover in this part.

#1: Effect on brain

Whenever Morra popped the NZT 48 pill his brain went from being mediocre to genius level almost instantly. The movie doesn’t explain the biological processes that take place, but researchers have used nootropics to explain them because they offer you the same cognitive enhancements.

First of all the drugs increase blood flow to the brain thus increasing the amount of ATP and oxygen reaching it. Secondly, they replenish a neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine. It generates a higher level of thought. The final effect is that you will improve all your cognitive abilities including speech, motor control, problem-solving, and memory among others.

#2: Stress reduction

Just like the NZT 48 pill, nootropics reduce stress levels. They achieve that by regulating cortisol – a hormone that influences stress and relaxation. A ripple benefit of reduced stress is that much as you will be a very hardworking person when it’s time to work, you will also get sufficient sleep when you go to bed because you won’t be stressed out and unable to relax.

#3: For medical purposes

Nootropics are not just smart drugs that help improve cognitive functions, they are also used in the treatment of some illnesses and conditions. For example, they are used to treat narcolepsy and symptoms of ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease. They are great medicines because they enable patients to focus, concentrate, learn, and remember things easily.

#4: Safety

After watching Limitless, you were probably discouraged by how Morra crashed when he got off the NZT 48 pill. That is where nootropics kick NZT 48’s ass. They don’t come with any side effects if you use them in proper dosages. At the very worst you might only experience nausea, headache, anxiety, and fear. If you see any of these unwanted side effects see a doctor ASAP.

Final Thoughts

If you want to be as smart as the smart Morra and avoid crashing when you get off a cognitive enhancer then try nootropics. There are some very good brands out there that will help you clock in more hours at work or school. One great thing about nootropics is that they come with extra benefits. For example, you will enjoy physical rejuvenation alongside your smart brains. There’s really no loss for you.

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