The Top Four Chest Workouts for Women

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Some people believe the myth that chest workouts are only for men. Although women may not see the same type of chest muscle gain that men do, they will still notice increased musculature after performing chest exercises. Chest exercises are not only good for building up strong pectoral muscles, but also for general everyday things. These exercises will make your posture better, will make your breasts perkier, and will help round out your upper body as a whole. With each exercise, we’ll provide a video that you can watch on how to do the exercise itself! If you perform all these in one workout, expect to be pooped by the end of it!

#1: The Bench Press:

Arguably the #1 upper body exercise for both men and women. A few things to note before you start bench pressing:

  • Start LOW in weight and work on your form. This cannot be stressed enough. Learn the form of this movement, if you like being active, you’ll be doing some form of it the rest of your life.
  • Use a spotter if possible. I see people getting trapped under the bar when bench pressing at the gym all the time. Don’t be that person – ask for a spotter, and make a new friend!
  • Use your whole body. This sounds stupid – but drive through your legs. Activate your abdominals. Squeeze your glutes, and push through with your triceps and pectorals.

How to do the bench press:

#2: The Dumbbell Bench Press:

This exercise, when used with lighter weights to compliment the bench press, will help you build a huge amount of muscle. Go heavy on the bench press, and light with these weights. There isn’t much to say about this exercise that we didn’t mention with the actual bench press. A spotter with this exercise CAN help, but isn’t necessary.

How to do the dumbbell bench press, the right way:

#3: Incline Dumbbell Flys:

This will help activate different muscles in your chest than the other exercises we’ve mentioned so far. By using the incline bench, you’re going to really work on cementing a solid workout. Don’t go heavy with this exercise at all. A good starting weight would be 10 pounds. Go up in weight slowly, and don’t be afraid to go slow and learn the form. Chest flys can be terrible for you if done incorrectly. Check out this video on dumbbell flys form:

#4: The Push Up:

Do push ups at the end of every workout to really burn out your muscles. Once you can do a decent amount of push ups, move on to different variations. Don’t get discouraged if you can only muster out a few after these other three killer exercises, especially if you’re new to the gym. If you really want to activate  your chest, be sure to try out wide grip push ups. If you’re after tricep growth, bring your hands together.

Here’s a video showing different push up variations you can do at home, or at the gym:

There you have it! The four best chest workouts for women. What’s your favorite chest workout when you hit the gym? Disagree with our advice? Leave a comment below and tell us what exercise you’re using to get KILLER chest growth!

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