What Can I Eat While on The E-Factor Diet Program?

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Dieting is a challenge. You know you need to make a change, but there are a variety of diets, making it hard to know what will work best for you. Cutting certain types of foods out of your diet can be challenging for some people. The good news is, what you eat is not limited when you choose to start the E-Factor Diet. Instead, the diet focuses on four types of foods, all of which start with “E” and are consumed in a certain time frame.

The Four E’s and The E-Factor Diet

There are four types of foods that are recommended when you are eating the E-Factor diet, and each type of food should be consumed at specific times. The following are the four types: Energetic Foods, Enzymatic Foods, Endothermic Foods and Enjoy Every Meal as the final category. The diet then goes into specific detail as to when each type of food should be consumed.

Endothermic foods, for example, are foods that burn fat naturally. These foods should be eaten when your body can focus on fat cells, which are unlocked by these trigger foods and then burn those cells. A good time to eat this type of food, for example, is late evening so the foods are triggering fat burning while you sleep.

For a better idea of how this works, consider watching this video

Eat All The Protein You Want

Certain diets encourage you to avoid red meats or carbohydrates. Some diets encourage you to avoid protein in order to have better control over the calories you burn and the fat that is being used from your fat stores.

The E-Factor Diet, however, encourages you to eat foods that are high in protein. Making healthy choices is important, so the type of protein you are encouraged to consume are the more healthy diet choices. Still, you can feel free to eat meat, fish, cheese, yogurt and eggs. You can use nuts and seeds in your diet as you see fit. Meanwhile, you can choose beans, lentils and tofu with equal pride in your diet.

Vegetables Are a Go

Eating vegetables is usually an important part of a diet. However, certain diets recommend vegetables in specific amounts or some vegetables are more appropriate than others. Consuming vegetables in the E-Factor diet is important, as they can be part of specific types of foods included in the E-Factor diet and can help you make significant strides toward weight loss.

Water Can Be Consumed At Any Time

Water is a big part of any diet. While eating healthy, you need to provide the body a sufficient amount of water so that each process can be completed efficiently. Drinking water in any amount is beneficial, and the more water you eat the better results you will see from both workouts and dieting.

Drinking water at any time of day is a wise decision. Cutting out sodas and juices that are high in sugar is helpful to your body’s efforts to process what is consumed more efficiently. Also, it is a good idea to drink large amounts of water and help your body cleanse itself of unnecessary additives to the food you do eat.

However there are certain foods that can cause water retention and work against you. These foods are listed as part of what to minimize in terms of consumption.

Eating Fast Food Is Okay

When you start a diet, you usually assume you need to say goodbye to all of your bad habits and cravings, like fast food, dessert and other foods high in fat or sugars. This video shows you someone who successfully used the E-Factor Diet to lose weight.

There is a welcome bonus guide provided by the E-Factor Diet that not only allows you to keep eating fast food, but it helps you determine what are the best choices on the menus at various fast food franchises. This allows you to feel like you can still have foods that are not good for you, while it minimizes the negative impact of eating out at a fast food restaurant.

Reading the E-Factor Diet Review can show you potential results from following this diet. The reviewer notes a loss of 10 pounds. Not only that, but they are the stubborn 10 pounds that the reviewer struggled with after losing 20 pounds with other diets. This shows a lot of potential for the E-Factor Diet.

Therefore, it is good to understand that it is less about the foods you avoid while on the E-Factor Diet and more about when you eat foods and about cultivating better eating habits in order to lose the weight and keep it off.

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