Body Solid G10B Bi-Angular Home Gym Review

Home gyms have gained an enormous amount of popularity in the last decade, and the Body Solid G10B stands out among them all.


Body Solid G10B Bi-Angular Home Gym™

Contruction 98%
Design 84%
Usability 93%
Quality 95%


  • Very well built
  • Bi-angular technology to ensure more efficiency while working out
  • Can be used to perform more than 50 exercises
  • More than one person can exercise at the same time


  • It takes up more room than many other solutions

Home gyms have gained an enormous amount of popularity in the last decade. In the beginning, the exercise options were limited to just upper body workouts, but with time these home gyms have been redesigned to incorporate a full body workout system. Although the age-old body building methods like weight training continue to be in trend, resistance training in rapidly increasing as a recognized organic bodybuilding method.

To provide to users with the benefit of resistance training at home, Body-Solid came up with the G10B Bi-Angular Home Gym. Intact with the modern bi-angular technology, the G10B is one of the most reliable and powerful, body building systems you will come across.

G10B Home gym's bi-angular technology makes it a must have for resistance training lovers. While the usual resistance training exercises can be monotonous, the bi angularity of this home gym increases the number, and types of exercises that can be performed using this one machine. With over 50 workout options, feel free to switch between exercises to change up your routine and keep yourself from getting bored.

This detailed review will help you zero down on the pros and cons of owning the G10B bi-angular home gym.

Design and Construction

This unique home gym from Body-Solid has a large but sturdy design. Be aware, this unit will take up a bit more room than some other home gyms, but if you have space for it, it’s a great one to consider.

The whole system combines an upper body workout station, a leg developer station and an optional press attachment for extra leg workouts. Luber support pads and durafirm upholstery cushion you during your exercises, so the only aches you’ll feel are the right ones from your workout.

The unit is easy to assemble, and unlike many other home gyms, this one does not shake while you exercise. The stability of this system is impeccable, and it can even support more than one person at a time. With a two year warranty, you can safely use this home gym to your heart's content stretching the pulleys and cables to your heart's content.

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Features and Usability

The Body Solid G10B is a spacious and extremely beneficial home gym which comes loaded with workout options for the whole body. Ideal for chest workouts, the muscle groups around your abdomen can be effectively shaped using Bi-Angular arm system, which won't just target your triceps but also your core. From abs, arms, and chest, your upper body is covered.

High and low pulley cables let you adjust your home gym to fit your comfort level. The soft seat is secure but comfortable while you work out your lats, do close grip pulldowns, and other various exercise. Don’t worry; you won’t have to skip leg day either. The leg developer station is the star of this system, so you’ll be able to get a fully balanced workout.


  1. It supports Body Solid's unique Bi-Angular Technology
  2. Resistance exercises offered at home like never before
  3. Uses sturdy high-quality products to make this home gym safe and sturdy


With the Body Solid's G10B as your home gym, you will be able to see a remarkable difference in your physique within just a few days. Not only does it provide you with the numerous resistance training exercise options but also with additional leg press attachments. This home gym is great for targeting those stubborn areas of your body and really works well to increase your core strength.


  • It is very well built and allows ample room for each workout station for comfort and safety
  • It comes intact with a Bi-angular technology to ensure more efficiency while working out
  • More than 50 exercises can be performed using this home gym
  • Allows for resistance training, which gives more effective results
  • Allows for more than one person to exercise together at the same time


  • The addition of gear for angular technology uses a lot of space and makes it appear bulkier compared to other home gyms.


The G10B Bi-angular Home Gym is every bit the excellence you expect it to be. Apart from some minor oversights like the use of rubber instead of springs in between the weight plates, it is perfect for your at-home resistance training. It is priced reasonably for the features it offers and buying different upper body workout machines, and leg workout machines would cost you much more.

For the compactness, sturdiness and the resistance training options it provides, the G10B home gym stands out as the best home gym in this category.

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