Top 10 Standing Desks For Your Home or Office Use for 2018

Find the perfect workstation for you so you don’t have to be in pain one minute longer

Sitting is bad for us. You know this, and you’re ready to do something about it. Great job.

But the problem is picking the right workstation for you. With so many options and things to consider, it can be a bit overwhelming. We get it.

We’ve put together a list here of the best standing desks and work stations available on the market today. They’re separated to fit into different categories, depending on your situation. You’ll find the top choices to use in your home or office, if you’re a heavy laptop user, or for all general purposes.

Find a complete review about the benefits and types of standing desks here.

These work station range in prices and models, from electric, manual, and sit/stand options. Read through the reviews and pick the one best for you. The most important thing is to get started today, but it's almost just as important to get the right one for you, so you’ll actually use the work station and reap the benefits.

Don’t sit another minute. Stand up for your health. It’s much easier than you think.

Ideal for office and conference use

1. Ergotron WorkFit-S 33-341-200 Dual Sit-Stand Workstation

The Ergoton WorkFit Dual Sit-Stand Workstation is one of the best answers to all the problems that are associated with long working hours spent behind a desk. Adjust the height of this station and sit or stand as you like. Easily adjustable with some simple modifications. Find what works for you, or adjust throughout the day according to your needs. Moving your keyboard and adjusting your desktop screen are a breeze with this sit-stand workstation.

Design and Construction

This workstation from Egotron comes with has a sleek design which fits in perfectly in a modern office interior setting. The point is for you to be able to gain all the benefits, but not to have your desk stick out like a sore thumb. Its simple features offer a two in one benefit without taking up a lot of space.

It comes with the dual monitor function, which gives you the option of mounting two screens at once if your work calls for it, or if you’re just using one screen now, you always have the option to add on another one in the future. The monitor can also be adjusted to different angles, so you’ll be able to share the view with others around.

Sit when you feel tired or need a rest, and stand while you digest your lunch or when you want to strengthen your back and posture. The height adjustment capabilities on this workstation gives you complete control with ease to adjust the length of your monitor and keyboard.

The construction is kept minimal yet very efficient. The desk isn’t bulky but still offers you everything you need. Weighing just 18 pounds, this workstation comes with easy to assemble parts like desk clasp, height adjustment column, and keyboard and mouse tray. No permanent fixtures are required, making it simple to attach and remove features as you like. It combines effortless sturdiness without any uncalled massive structure.

Additional Features:

Some additional features that make the Ergotron WorkFit Dual Sit-Stand Workstation a great pick for people who work long hours are:

Hinged Desktop Stand

Sharing a slide or giving an example to someone sitting across the table becomes much easier with the option to turn the screen on this workstation. You can simply twist the screen to make it visible to others, and with a dual monitor capability, you can mirror the information on your monitor, making any explanation easy.

Easy adjustments- raising and lowering

Whether you want to stand while you work or sit, you can move around freely and quickly. There is no need to use machines or tools to adjustment between one option or the other. It is more of a one-touch process with this machine

Who should buy it?

If you have a desk job that requires you to sit in one place and work for extended periods of time, this is just the pick for you. Say goodbye to the fatigue that comes from sitting in the same position all day, as well as the soreness. You’ll keep your energy, ease the strain on your neck and shoulders, and overall do your body some good.

The Ergoton WorkFit Dual Sit-Stand Workstation a great piece of equipment for the office workers.

2. Halter ED-258 Preassembled Height-Adjustable Desk

If you are looking for an accident-proof, sturdy, and reliable standing desk option, the Halter ED 258 is the right pick. Break up your work hours by switching your positions around. The Halter ED is an excellent choice if you’re just starting to get adjusted to standing, or are already familiar with it.

Design and Construction

Unlike the typical standing desks, the Halter ED258 comes preassembled, and all you need to do is place it where you want. Keep in mind it is more like an addition to your current desk or counter, so it is a little bulkier than some other options. However, this also means it's easy to remove and move it out of the way when you want it out of sight.

It's perfect for standard length desktops of 35.6 inches or more and has a specific space allocated for your keyboard. Raise or lower the standing desk quickly by applying pressure to the handles. You really get an easy, no fuss, work space with this option.

Standing and working with the ED258 is a very comfortable experience and hassle free, as the keyboard adjusts automatically when you adjust the height of your desk.  Raise its height up to 23 inches with a single touch, and be sure that this sturdy sophisticated design will hold tight as you move around it.

Additional Features:

Ideal for a healthy working style

For people working on their monitors for long hours continuously, this standing desk is a great pick. It can prevent numerous posture issues and body aches, muscle strains and even brain problems caused due to sitting in a poor position or sitting for long hours.

Smooth Movement

It provides you with complete control over its height, adjust it once and it will hold steady as long as your legs can support you.  However, if you do decide you need a little breather, that won’t be a problem at all. Lose no time fiddling around with screws or levers, adjusting the Halter Ed-258 can be done very swiftly and without much effort.

Who should buy it?

This standing desk is suited for bigger workstations and office spaces which have plenty of space to accommodate a heavily built desk. It might come off as too bulky for home office spaces since the design is especially suited to workplaces and for people who have extended and long working hours.

3. Varidesk – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Pro 36

The Varidesk Standing Desk is a modern and more portable approach to tackling the problem of long working hours and improper posture when working on a monitor. It enables you to maintain correct posture as you tackle your work, without getting tired or getting sore arm and neck muscles. What makes it unique is its portability feature. It doesn’t take up much space and is  no trouble to assemble wherever you need it..

Design and Construction

The Varidesk Standing Desk is a simple desk that raises your work area so that the angle of your screen is ergonomic for you to work on. Ideally designed for small cubicles, it enables comfortable working, either while sitting or standing. It has a built-in lifting mechanism, which raises the monitor from the table, leaving plenty of space for the keyboard and mouse on the work desk.

Whatever you need, the Varidesk Pro 36 can handle it, easily supporting up to 35 lbs (15.8 kgs) of weight. The sleek, ergonomic design makes it perfect for use at home, in a small cubical space, or even bigger offices.

It has a sturdy build that allows this standing workstation to balance the weight of your monitor without causing any damage. Just set up your monitor and go.  If and when you do need to adjust, rest easy knowing that raising the height of the desk does not require much effort – just one press, and it's done.

Additional Features:

Takes up very little space

The Varidesk Pro 36 takes no space on your workstation, allowing you plenty of space for your papers and other important documents. It's sleek, small and provides all the benefits of an ideal standing desk.

Effortless Adjustments

Unlike some traditional standing desks, this one can be made to raise or lower the monitor screen almost instantly and without much effort. Waste no time at all or lose your train of thought when switching positions.

Who should buy it?

If your work space is rather small and fitting in a full sized standing desk isn't an option, this is just the right pick for you. It can also be used for home offices. This easy of portability and lightness make it a great choice even if you’re not using it all the time. If you’re just an occasional computer user, you’ll still get all the benefits and won’t feel obligated to use it constantly because of its affordable price.

4. WorkFit-S LCD Laptop Sit-Stand Workstation

Laptops have made work spaces and cubicles smaller, but have also created several posture issues and fatigue problems due to long hours of sitting. The Workfit S laptop workstation from Ergotron doubles your work efficiency by providing you a better position to work in.

Design and Construction

The Workfit -S combines the benefits of various workstations in one. It facilitates using a laptop, provides a dual screen, has additional space for your keyboard and also enables you to work while standing up. It redefines the whole desk job scenario by offering an efficient option of standing and working.

It has counterbalanced adjustment points that allow easy and instantaneous switching from one height to another. The open design lets you switch from laptop to monitor if the need arises. Features like one-touch adjustment with the Patented Constant Force lift technology allows easy switching from one height to another.

Additional features:

A durable product with numerous benefits

The sturdy build of this standing desk makes it reliable enough to place your tablets and laptop on. It has an excellent quality aluminum and steel build. Even the plastic parts are of premium quality. Its keyboard and mouse stand make it ideal for use during presentations and group discussions as well.


It is rare for a standing desk to be able to accommodate a laptop, monitor, and a tablet in addition. However, this one does the job for you. If you’re a multitasker and need to switch from one device to another, it is perfect for you.

Who should buy it?

Its multi-device portability makes it ideal for installing in conference rooms. However, it can be used for offices, conference rooms, and even home offices. The only requirement is that it rest on a sturdy surface.

5. Executive Stand Steady Standing Desk

This standing desk from Stand Steady is a supporter of the not so revolutionary method of making working a lot healthier and more comfortable for you. Long hours of sitting and working can now be avoided, whether you work in a cubicle, at home, or in a spacious cabin. This standing desk can be placed on top of your workstation and adjusted to your ideal height.

Design and Construction

This 32-inch by the 22-inch standing desk is large enough to support two desktops, and has plenty of organizational space below for your keyboard, documents, and cables. Its rubber stand and sturdy design ensure that your screen won’t jumble around as you work and that all your files stay put, just as they should be.  The height can be adjusted from 11-inches to 15-inches, to fit your comfort level. This prevents you from having to tilt or bend your head while you work for extended hours. You’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips and tippy toes.

Its sleek, simple design means the Executive Stand Stead Desk will fit in any setting, home or office, and can be moved around easily since there is no assembly required. The only thing you have to lose is your health by not getting this desk.

Additional Features:


In today’s mobile world, you never know where you’re going to be, or what you’re going to be doing. This is why being portable is essential and exactly what this desk was meant to help with. Forget about dragging a huge piece of furniture around, simply take your Stand Steady Standing Desk, and you’re all set to go. Or, when you're not working on your desktop, you can put it aside or even lend to it someone else to use in the meantime. Who says you have to hog all the benefits for yourself? Sharing is caring right? Especially when it comes to your family.

Compact Size

Bigger is not always better, and that is the case with this model. Large enough for a comfortable work space, but small enough that it doesn’t get in the way. Feel free to optimize your space by utilizing the space below the stand to store and organize your personal or work items. Everything you need will be in reach.

Who should buy it?

The Stand Steady Standing Desk is ideal for anyone who would is used to sitting in a cubical or behind a desk all day. Even for smaller offices, because of its compacted size, your new workstation won’t overwhelmed the area. For extra bonus points, the fact that it does not require any assembly and is portable makes it ideal for usage at an office desk and just about everywhere else.

If you just NEED to sit, consider a Gaiam Balance Ball desk chair to alleviate some of back and joint pains associated with prolonged periods sitting.

Standing Desks for Laptop User

6. Furinno Adjustable Vented Laptop Table Top

A portable standing desk from Furinno, this table top is a lightweight, easy to use table top desk that can be used to raise the height of your laptop or desktop. Ideal for small cubicles and home offices or tables, this standing desk is compact and requires no assembly.

Design and Construction

The design of this table top from Furinno has been constructed keeping in mind the requirements of people who work in tiny cubicle spaces or work spaces. It allows you to raise your laptop screen so you don’t have to spend your entire day hunched over slumping in an uncomfortable position.

Its aluminum alloy body is quite sturdy, and despite that, it is pretty lightweight. Weighing just 4.5 pounds, this table top can be used virtually anywhere – in the park, on your bed or at a table.

It is best suited for laptops up to 17 inches wide. Available in various colors, it jazzes up the look of your workplace and at the same time provides you the required comfort for you need when working for long hours.

Additional Features:

Adjustable height

This efficiently designed table top can be raised or lowered as you need. Thus, you can stand or sit according to your comfort when working on your laptop.


If you are looking for a standing desk that does not stay on your workstation permanently, but only when you need it, this one is just the right pick. It can be removed and replaced whenever needed.

Who should buy it?

This tabletop from Furinno is ideal for the laptop users. Whether you have a small cubical or a spacious office, this one is just right for your workplace either way. Leave it on your desk, or tuck it away when you have you have company over or a social meeting. Meant especially for the laptop users, this standing desk has an excellent value for money return.

7. iCraze Adjustable Vented Dual Layer Tabletop

The iCraze tabletop is another standing work station meant especially for the laptop users. It makes working behind a desk or a computer for long hours comparatively ergonomic by adjusting the height where you place your laptop. This prevents any ill effects of bad posture and constant sitting.

Design and Construction

As the world shifts from monitors to laptops, these table tops from iCraze simplify the task of sitting down in one position and working for hours. Its aluminum alloy body is extremely sturdy and can easily balance the weight of an average laptop. At the same time, it is light weight and easy to carry around too.

What makes it unique is the built-in fans that cool your desktop or laptop while you’re working. You’ll never have to worry about your devices overheating with this table top.

The iCraze Tabletop works on the joint locking principle, which allows you to manually adjust it to the exact level you want your screen raised. The table top weighs just five pounds, and it can easily support laptops weighing up to 30 pounds. Its advanced 360-degree rotate and adjustment button allows you to use it even while you are lying down.

The flexibility this workstation allows is simply unmatched, and it offers all that you would need in a standing desk compiled in a minimalist body.

Additional features:


The aluminum alloy body of this iCraze table top weighs just 5 pounds, and it can be folded and carried around easily. There is no need to assemble this tabletop so you can enjoy the ultimate freedom from screws, boards, or ill fitted pieces. This table top is truly a pick up and go sort of equipment.

Built-in cooling fans

The table top comes with a built-in cooling fan for any desktop or laptops that rest on it, which is a rare quality in any stand-up desk or table top. We already demand so much from out laptops, why not at least give it some air while it works?

Who should buy it?

Use the iCraze table top in offices or small cubicles with desktops. It can be extended up to 27 inches and is suitable for just about any situation.

Standing Desks Ideal for all kinds of work spaces

8. Safco Products 1929CY Stand-Up Desk

Today, almost all the work at offices is done on desktops and laptops. In response Safco has come up with an innovative stand-up desk that prevents exertion due to long working hours. With the perfect height and an ergonomic design, this desk eliminates all health threats you might face due to continuous sitting and bad posture while working away at your desk.

Design and Construction

The Safco Stand-Up Desk has been designed primarily to facilitate working on your monitor while standing up. It has separate spaces allocated for the keyboard, mouse and any other hardware that might be needed in work areas. This Stand-Up Desk allows you to get a break from the regular schedule of sitting and working. The height of this desk can be adjusted from 35-inches to 49-inches, which means you can easily switch between sitting and standing throughout the day.  Move your screen to a position that is comfortable and doesn’t strain your neck. The four casters at the base, make it easy to move the desk around. Even the shelves can be raised up to 5-inches when raising the monitor.

Overall, it has a very organized design. The steel and wood frame is sturdy, and it can hold desktops weighing up to 100lbs. The work surface dimensions are 25″ X 19″, providing plenty of space for paperwork as well.

Additional features:

Ergonomic space saving design

The Safco Stand-Up Desk is designed to meet the needs of spacious offices, cubicles, school labs as well as home offices. It has a sleek, well-organized design with casters that allows you to move it around freely, which makes it useful for professional as well as personal work spaces.

Who should buy it?

Anybody on the lookout for a work space that can support plenty of hardware like a printer, UPS, keyboard, and the monitor without taking a lot of space can confidently choose the Safco Stand-Up Desk. Qualities like mobility, efficiency, sturdiness and taking up less space while providing more benefits make it the best in class Stand-Up Desk.

9. Buddy Products Stand-Up Height Workstation

This stand-Up desk from Buddy Project is more of a workstation than just a standup desk, taking care of all your needs in one easy to move and assemble station. It is designed to serve as its own separate work space for office cubicles, small work spaces, or as an addition in larger offices. Use the adjustable frame to reduce the strain on your body, especially your neck, shoulders, and back.

Design and Construction

The design of the Buddy Project Workstation provides way for a healthy and more ergonomic working environment. Whether you’re in a small office, or a larger space, you can still take advantage of the Buddy workstation. Easy to move around, it holds everything you need, without taking up a massive amount of room. Use it alone or in addition to your sitting desk.

With a four-way adjustable mount for the desktop, you can adjust and tilt the screen to whatever angle you find comfortable. It has plenty of space to accommodate a CPU and any other hardware that comes along.

The flexible design can be raised up to 5 inches, and the mount can easily support a monitor weighing up to 50 pounds. There are dual wheel casters of heavy-duty material, enabling you to drag your workstation from one place to another. It has sturdy melamine and steel construction, making it durable and dependable.

Additional Features:

Ergonomic Work Options

The Workstation from Buddy Project ensures you will have the right posture while you work. Although it does not facilitate standing up while you work, it does give you a choice to incline and raise the monitor to ease the strain of your muscles and protect them from being over stretched.

Who should buy it?

This workstation from Buddy Project is a great buy for spacious offices, where a separate space can be allocated to the monitor and the system. It also makes for an ideal mini office space at home. However, using it in a cubicle might not be a good choice, since there would barely be space other paperwork and documents.

10. Workez Standing Desk Conversion Kit

The Workez Standing Desk combines the two most important aspects of standing desks – portability and space efficiency. Its minimalist design makes it ideal for any office space.

Design and Construction

The Workez Stand Up desk has a unique construction which combines features like mobility, adjustment options, and less space consumption into a minimal looking, but highly effective standing desk. It can be placed on any desk when you need it, and removed seamlessly when you don’t.

The body is comprised of a monitor stand and another add-on stand for the mouse and keyboard. If you are using a laptop, you can leave the keyboard stand unattended and fold it back. The height of this standing desk can be adjusted from 2″ to 21″, offering a wide variety of options for you, and anyone else that might want to use it. You can angle the monitor screen and keyboard to your comfort as the adjustment is easy to make and is done manually.

The structure is completely made from aluminum, which works to naturally dissipate heat from your desktop and laptop. No overheating for you or your devices. Because of its portability and lightweight, it is only able to support up to 13lbs on it’s highest surface. More than enough for most laptops and desktops. For all your other documents or computer accessories, you should have no problem fitting them into the 8″ X 10″ panel.

Additional Features:

Requires no Installation

For work spaces that require switching between laptops and paperwork, this standing desk is just perfect. You can assemble it whenever needed and then fold it up to put it aside once you are done. It does not have to be fixed to a spot permanently.

Who should buy it?

The Workez Stand Up desk is ideal for small as well as large office spaces. It can be used anywhere and anytime. In addition to that, it weighs just 9.2 pounds so that you can carry it from home to office with as you need.

Make the change now

Whatever model you choose, one thing is for sure, the time to make the change is now. We sit more, we drive more, and we spend longer times sitting around dinner tables with friends or laughing over drinks than ever before. Add that into our already increased work days, sitting behind our desk, and it is a recipe for disaster.

Work is important, there is no doubt about that, but so is your health. Make the change today. One little change is all it takes to decrease your risk of diabetes, back strain, heart attack, and so much more.

When you feel better your life improves all around. You’ll have more energy, be more productive, and you will physically feel better. One change is all it takes. One simple change. Get started today and see the difference before you even know it.

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