The Best Exercises You Can Do with a Ball for Your Gut

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If you are struggling to get rid of an unwanted gut, you’re probably looking for new exercises that will give you the results you’re looking for. With the number of workout routines out there and methods for toning up, it can be difficult to know which works and which will just be a waste of time. But one of the best accessories to improve your performance is the medicine ball.

Medicine balls, which come in many different sizes and weights, are a great alternative to classic dumbbells. For workouts that engage multiple parts of the body, the round shape of a medicine ball allows you to easy hold the weight while doing sit-ups or other exercises focused on toning your core.

But what workouts should you do with your workout ball? Here are just a few that you should try to remove that gut and keep it away.

The “Wood Chop”

If you’re looking for a great workout for your arms and abs, the Wood Chop can get you results quickly. To complete this workout, you will only need your medicine ball. If you have a medicine ball with handles, it may make this workout easier.

Begin standing with your feet just slightly wider than your shoulders and hold the medicine ball with both hands. To begin the Wood Chop movement, you will want to bring the medicine ball over one of your shoulders. In a swift and quick movement, bring the medicine ball across your body to your opposite knee, keeping that leg straight while bringing the knee of the other leg towards the ground. Bring the medicine ball back up to your shoulder for the next rep.

You should complete about 20 reps on each side, moving quickly.

The Crunch with a Twist

The Crunch with a Twist is a workout to strengthen your abs and thighs. This medicine ball workout also works differently by holding the weight with your legs rather than your arms.

This one begins by lying on your back as if you’re going to do a sit up. Place the medicine ball between your knees and hold. First, bend like you are doing a standard crunch, but instead of going back down, twist the upper half of your body to one side while the lower half goes in the other direction. Return to the center and release slightly. Alternate sides with the next crunch. Be sure that you are following proper crunch procedure so you do not hurt your neck.

You should aim for about 10 to 12 reps with this workout.

Medicine Ball Mountain Climber

You can use your medicine ball to enhance classic workouts, such as mountain climbers. The use of a medicine ball during a mountain climber can make the simple exercise more difficult, getting you more results.

To do a Medicine Ball Mountain Climber, place the medicine ball in front of you and get in push up position. Place both hands the ball, holding onto it if you have handles. Plant your legs at about shoulder width apart and maintain a strong, flat back. While holding onto the medicine ball, pull your legs up and across your body. Return your foot to the original position and repeat the same motion with the other leg. Move quickly so you can get the most benefit.

When doing a Medicine Ball Mountain Climber, you should aim to do 10 to 12 reps.

More Benefits of Medicine Ball Workouts

Getting rid of an unwanted gut can seem like a dream that you’re never going to see come true. Stubborn fat around the stomach is one of the most difficult places to lose weight and to tone up. But your gut is not something that you need to live with. The use of a medicine ball during your workout routine can help you get the body you’ve been hoping for even sooner.

These workouts are just a few of the examples of how to use a medicine ball to get rid of your gut. Try incorporating each into your weekly workout routine, aiming to complete them a couple of times a week. You’ll soon be saying goodbye to your unwanted gut!

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