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THE BEST Exercises for Your Butt and Inner Thighs as a Woman Under 30

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There are so many great exercises available now that many people aren’t sure where to start. If this describes you, don’t fret! You’ve come to the right place.

The butt and inner thighs are among the most crucial areas for looking good and feeling great – especially with bikini season upon us! Here are a few of the best exercises for butt and inner thighs for women under 30.

Side Step

The side step may seem simple, but it’s deceptively challenging. It involves a series of quick hops from side to side, usually for 1-2 minutes total. This one will work out both your butt and your thighs.


This staple of every exercise routine is especially great for women under 30, as it is great for toning. Nearly every training regimen or workout strategy worth its salt includes squats, which can be done with just body weight or with weights. Again, great for butt and thighs.

Kettlebell Squat

Kettlebell Squats – YouTube

This variation on the squat is straightforward, and gets you working harder than normal squats. In short, you’re squatting while lifting a weight not on your shoulders but from the ground. Tough, but worth it!

Single Leg Bridge

In addition to working those inner thighs and that butt, the infamous single leg bridge will also exercise your core. By lifting and holding your legs straight up from a laying position, you get a surprisingly intense workout. This one is good for doing both in the gym and home – or even in the office (if you roll like that).

Cossack Squat

How to Cossack Squat Mobility Exercise: Tutorial & Progressions …

Noticing a trend here? Everyone agrees: squats ought to be a part of every woman’s workout routine, and they’re tremendously versatile. This squat integrates the stretch and intensity squats are famous for with a side-to-side motion. Check out this video for the details on cossack squats.

Criss Cross Jacks

Criss cross jacks are a variation on everyone’s favorite gym class special – the jumping jack. Another one you can do from wherever you are, criss cross jacks will get your heart rate pumping and your butt and inner thighs working. Criss cross jacks are nearly as excellent a warmup as a strength exercise.

Many of these exercises only require body weight – of the exercises we’ve discussed here, only the kettlebell squats require any sort of exercise equipment. This makes them great for doing throughout the day. Taking regular breaks from work to exercise is a great way to exercise way harder throughout your day than you think you’re exercising, and it’s easy to use a commercial break to do some single leg bridges or squats. You’re closer to the body you want than you think!

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