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What is Artichoke Extract and How Does it Work?

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Artichokes are kind of mysterious to me. They come in a funny shape, they’re confusing to eat, they’re super simple to cook, and we don’t really see a lot of them outside of restaurants. All the goodness of this vegetable, which has been sitting right in front of our eyes all along, has been ignored too long.

Since the beginning of human civilization, we have used of herbs and plants to cure disease and treat health issues with alarmingly effective rates. Somewhere along the line, we’ve become a nation that has transitions away from natural treatments and more towards synthetic medications.

Although there have been many advancements in the field of medical science, we often still find, and are continuing to rediscover, that the best remedies for our aliments come from nature.

One such wonder plant is the artichoke. From preventing bladder stones to fighting anemia, the chemicals found in artichoke benefit the body in numerous ways.

Planning to try out artichoke extract but not sure how it works? This article provides you with all the information you need.

What is Artichoke extract?

Artichoke, or globe artichoke, is a plant which contains high amounts of vitamin C and poly nutrients like cynarine and silymarin.

Did you know that it is not the flower or the bulb of artichoke that is used in the making of medicine?

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The extracts from the stem, leaf, and the roots of the artichoke plants are used to make the gels, capsules, and tablets. Those are consumed, making them chalk full of the parts of the plant that store the most nutrients. From controlling our blood sugar levels to preventing the buildup of bad cholesterol, artichoke extract can be used to fight off a variety of ailments.


How does Artichoke Extract work?

Weight loss

The usage of artichoke extract, either in the form of tablets or as a part of your routine diet, has proven to be a very effective weight loss tool. Because it is rich in fiber, it keeps you feeling full longer.

The anti-oxidants present in artichoke extract work to boost your metabolism. The higher metabolism, the easier it is for your body to process the food you eat and turn it into the energy your body needs to function.

Improves Digestion

Put down the Pepto and start taking artichoke extract if you’re someone who deals with digestion problems. Studies show that artichoke is the best herb, when compared to any other medicine, to deal with digestion issues. Pretty impressive.

The large amounts of anti-oxidants and cynarine found in the extract work together to cure digestion problems like vomiting, flatulence, nausea, and stomach pain. Cynarine promotes bile production, which helps break down fats (the toughest thing for your body to digest) into fatty acids that can be easily absorbed in your body’s digestive tract.

Protects Your Liver

Did you know that artichoke was used by the Romans in ancient times to fight hangovers? This works because the byproduct silibinin which is a compound of silymarin, protects the liver against toxic elements that enter the body through alcohol and smoking. Maybe the Romans were misguided in their hangover cure, as there is not science to back that claim up, but by taking artichoke extract, you’ll be able to help prevent damage to your liver while you work your way to that hangover.


Lowers Cholesterol

Inulin, a compound found in artichoke extract, works to lower cholesterol which is correlated with heart-related problems and obesity. Since the extract will make you feel full longer, you won’t have to rely on so many carbs that are high in sugar and filled with empty calories to fill you up or mess with your cholesterol levels.

Prevents Bladder Stones

Bladder stones can be permanently avoided by consuming artichoke extracts. Studies are still being conducted, but there is evidence to support the decrease in bladder stone size, or altogether, by using artichoke extract.

Try an artichoke or two and get your daily dose of artichoke extract to keep your body full of beneficial nutrients. As time goes by, and more studies are conducted, we’re bound to find out even more benefits of this miracle plant.


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