Apple Cider Vinegar- Why You Should Always Have it in Your Home

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Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is one of those products, like coconut oil, that I can’t quite wrap my head around. I mean, how can one thing have SO many different uses? I just don’t get it.

Apple cider vinegar- when you think about it, you naturally think about using it for cooking. Besides cooking, there are so many other uses, reasons, and health benefits of having it in your kitchen, or it turns out, in your bathroom cabinet, and so on.

Read on to learn some of the many uses of this miracle product.

Lowers blood sugar

Drinking some diluted vinegar after a high-carb meal reduces blood sugar levels. However, if you are on diabetic medications, or other medical restrictions, do consult your doctor before starting.

The optimum vinegar dose hasn’t been established. Most reports have people taking 1–2 tablespoons before each meal containing carbohydrate, and at bedtime. It might be best to take vinegar with the first bite of the meal, to prevent the reported side effects of nausea and heartburn. But these should be rare at such low doses, anyway. You can also take vinegar tablets, which are cheap and widely available.

Preserves food

Apple cider vinegar is an effective food preservative as it makes food acidic and kills the bacteria which spoil food. Kind of like lemons.

A deodorizer

ACV can be used as a deodorizer as its antibacterial properties eliminate bad smells. Mixing a little with Epsom salts and water is a great was to soak your feet, relax, and kills odor-causing bacteria the causes foot odor.

As a salad vinaigrette

Apple cider vinegar makes a great, simple, healthier and tastier salad dressing than the store-bought ones. I usually put a couple dashes on top with a bit of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon, if you like, for a tasty dressing.

All-purpose cleaner

Mixing half a cup with of ACV with a cup of water makes a natural all-purpose cleaner, safe to use on almost all kitchen and bathroom surfaces, because of its antibacterial properties.

Sore throat remedy

Diluting the vinegar with water and gargling is one way to get rid of the bacteria causing the pain and discomfort in your throat.

Facial toner

Mix one part of apple cider vinegar with 2 parts water to make an easy at home toner, for treating skin conditions, and reducing the signs of aging. Just apply it to your skin using a cotton pad lightly. If you have sensitive skin, just add a bit more water to the solution.

As an extra perk, this same mixture can be applied to sunburns to help take away some of the sting.

Fruit fly trap

Did you know that ACV makes a great fruit fly trap? Just pour a bit into a cup with a few drops of dish soap to lure, then capture the pest.

Tasty eggs

Adding vinegar to water while boiling or poaching eggs causes the egg white protein to firm up quickly when exposed to an acidic medium. So you get that perfect consistency every time without having to worry about the yolk breaking.

A marinade

Apple cider vinegar is a popular ingredient for steak marinades as it gives the meat a sweet and sour flavor. Mix it into any marinade you already use, and everyone will be asking what your secret is.

Vinegar baths

Yup, that’s right. Adding one or two cups of the vinegar to your bath water lets you soak in all the vitamins it contains through your skin and hair.

The benefits of vinegar baths are smoother skin and hair, reliving the pain of aching joints, and the restoration of your skin’s pH balance.

Hair treatment

ACV not only helps get rid of dandruff, but it also detangles and adds shine to your hair.

Just mix equal portions of water and the vinegar, pour on your hair and massage into your scalp, leave it in for a few minutes and then rinse it out. Dilute more if you have sensitive skin.

Enhance the taste of certain foods

Add a bit of the vinegar to your sauces, soups, candies, and caramels for added flavor. It adds texture and flavor to your cakes, especially if you don’t use eggs.

Weed killer

Yes, ACV kills weeds! Just spray some undiluted vinegar onto unwanted weeds, and watch them disappear.

Teeth whitener

Repeatedly rubbing a small amount of ACV on your teeth with a cotton swab whitens teeth and removes stains. Make sure to thoroughly rinse your teeth after each use, as the acidity of the vinegar can damage your teeth enamel.

Acne and wart treatment

Dabbing some diluted ACV can help get rid of pimples and warts by dying them out. Make sure you dilute the solution before you apply to your skin, though. Using pure ACV by itself may cause burns on sensitive skin.

With apple cider vinegar helping you tackle so many everyday problems, it is no wonder everyone should always have a bottle ready at home!

What other uses have you come up with? Share with us!

Photo by Susy Morris, CC.

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