About us

Hi, first of all: thanks for stopping by my website.

My name is Janet Robinson, and I created this website to help everyone who want to lose weight or get a healthier lifestyle — men and women.

Like many of you, I had problems losing weight (and worse … keeping it off).

When I first started out, I got tired of salesmen, infomercials and websites pushing the latest and greatest new shiny objects and miracle cures. I asked myself: “Does it really have to be that hard?“.

I went back to the basics, then I saw why I hadn’t lost weight earlier.

It took a lot of hard work, but now I’m there, and I hope I can help others who want to do the same. Since I lost weight, my interest in fitness and a healthy living peaked, and I now work with helping people achieve the same results.

My goal is to quickly give you information in an easy to read format, on what diet programs and products are worth your time and money, and which aren’t.

I work in colaboration with doctors, authors and writers to provide you with the best quality content possible. Websites backing what I stated are also linked. If you wish to know more about something I didn’t write about, please check their websites !