5 Secret Energy Boosters You Can Grab at Any Supermarket

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Feeling sleepy at work? Your midday coffee no longer giving you the energy boost it used to? Well, if this is the case, here are some secret energy boosters which are easily found at any supermarket to wake you up and keep you going through the mid-day slump. They not only make you feel full and pepped up, but also are great for your body and waistline.

Say no to the bag of chips or cookies and keep these things stocked around you to reach for instead.

Homemade trail mix

Grab some of your favorite nuts and dried fruits the next time you go to the supermarket to make your own homemade trail mix. Just toss all of them together in a container and perhaps add some sunflower seeds and granola for the perfect, instant trail mix which gives you a power boost when you need it the most!
Making your own trail mix is a much healthier option than buying the ones off the shelf. You know it is fresh and can personalize it to your taste, which makes it more tempting to eat than one that might have some ingredients you’re not a fan of.

High protein whole grain bars

The pre-packaged cereal bars you have for breakfast also make the perfect energy booster at work and on the go. However make sure you choose the right bars, which contain at least 5 grams of fiber and protein, but contain less than 15 grams of sugar.

Watch out for the high-calorie meal-replacement bars. If you do pick them up at the supermarket, you may cut them into halves and quarters to create small, 100-calorie portions.

Don’t get fooled by the granola bars too as they are usually full of sugar. Even if they say ‘reduced fat’ granola bar, they’re probably not as healthy as you think. Instead, look for the bars which contain no added or refined sugar and have maximum fiber content.

Whole-grain toast

While carbohydrates provide your body with 60% of the energy required to make your body go, whole grains are always a better option as they are full of good complex carbs. They contain vitamins and minerals, so eating whole grains help prevent blood sugar surges after your next meal.

This, in turn, leads to fewer energy crashes which are common after eating refined sugar found in most sweet or heavily processed snacks. Start your day with some oatmeal or a high-fiber cereal and you’ll be able to stay full until lunch. Another alternative is to snack on some whole-grain crackers or toast for an afternoon energy booster.

Small portion of dried fruits and nuts

Nuts contain a healthy mix of good fat and protein, making it a great slow-burning food which provides your body with sustained energy. Dried fruits not only add a touch of sweetness to a cup of mixed fruits and nuts, but it also has the added benefit of being fiber rich.

A quarter cup of dried fruits and nuts prove to be an effective energy booster; however, the secret is to maintain it at only quarter cup and not more. Too much of anything is not good, even nuts and dried fruits.

Fresh fruits

Though they seem simple, fruits like oranges, apples and bananas are the perfect grab-and-go energy boosters. You can also add some nuts or a hard-boiled egg for added protein or add some raw broccoli or zucchini to make a well-balanced energy boosting snack while on the go!

If you are looking for an effective, healthy energy booster, just stock up your kitchen, or desk drawers, with these healthy food options. Say bye to drowsiness and unproductivity. You’ll be able to finish all your work and still have time to enjoy the rest of the day when you get home.

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