Reviews of the best weight loss, diet and workout gear for 2018

We’ve tested and reviewed the top diet, workout and weight loss products for 2018

Reviews of Diet Plans and Programs

Below is a list of the products we’ve tested. The reviews are kept up to date and are revisited by our experts to make sure that the information is still relevant. You can click on the links below to read an in-depth review of each program.

Weight Loss Supplements and Remedies

All though we believe most people will benefit from just a healthy diet and exercise (see above programs), sometimes supplements can be a good solution to accelerate the process. We’ve reviewed several diet supplements. We try to keep these general, and focus on the core ingredients rather than a brand name (which keeps changing). In each review you’ll also find our recommended brands.

Home Workout Systems

Over the years we’ve tested a whole bunch of different home gym systems. From full body workout systems, so smaller more compact systems. Click on the links below to read our in-depth reviews and compare prices. You can also read more about home gym systems here in our home gym comparison page.

Reviews of home gym models:

Whole Body Vibration Machines

This might sound weird, and I’m sure many of you think these things don’t work. However, research shows that you can lose weight and tone using a vibration machine. You can read more about these machines and compare models in our big review of the most popular whole body vibration machines here.

Reviews and buyer’s guides for individual vibration machine models:

Reviews of Other Gear

We review a lot of products, and all though some of them aren’t directly related to weight loss — they’re still helpful for healthy living. In my home office I focus a lot on ergonomics. This has lead me to test a lot of different items, from balance balls and boards, to standing desks and stretch bands.

Click on the links below to read in-depth reviews of the different products: